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So I was casually reading a fanfic (which I really enjoyed by the way) when all of a sudden...
I'm pretty sure I laughed harder than I should have.... I just had to share this. I will leave a link going to the fanfic if you wan to read it. I enjoyed it. Part 1 She has parts 1-14 done and should be uploading 15 soon. The story is about you and your friends Olivia and Jasmine going on vacation on an island and running into two hotties (JB and Youngjae). Things get pretty heated up between you and JB when all of a sudden your father wants you back home. That is all I am telling, if you want to find out what happens next, go read it. There is some smut, not a lot though. Every member in Got7 is a part of the story so far except of Yugyeom, I'm excited to see if she brings him in or not.
*goes to invest my life in another story*
@Isolate you're welcome
@SassyMaknae thank you for sharing it
@SassyMaknae yes thats why i binge read it lol. it was amaziinnggg
i just binge read all of that story oh my gAWD
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