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Where do you live? Obviously you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but how fun would it be if you found out that your Vingle friends lived closer to you than you thought? I live in Utah, honestly one of the worst places to live in my opinion. No offense if you live in Utah, I'm sure wherever you live is fine. But where I live everyone is rude to each other and is either bullying you online or slashing your tires - yes, the adults in my neighborhood bully each other online and slash tires. That is one of the reasons I was so upset yesterday.
Texas outside of Dallas
@SassyMaknae i live near you. actually 20 minutes away i believe......enter stalker mode dun dundun dunnnnn!!!! heehee no for reals though, i live in Utah and @GriseldaZenger and I were trying to meet up one day since she didn't live so far from me. Let's plan a lunch again!
@Purplicious @JaxomB @NaBi7 my Georgia peeps!!
@NaBi7 @Puprlicious I'm up in Acworth, off of 575.
@AimeeH yup
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