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Anime Game Time Results
Here are my results
Hinata!! Yes! Bestie
My Boyfriend...ummm never watched Attack on Titan so not sure who this is
My World I live in...oh man...and I get motion sickness
My Powers....Not sure who this is or what anime or powers...
These are fun!! As soon as I figure out how to tag people on here I will. I'm such a noob here Gomen
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@NessaB also when you want to tag someone in the comments tap next to there name
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@OtakuDemon10 oooh Eren I've heard of a lot haha. Ok I have Noragami on my to watch list. thank you 馃榾
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@NessaB I highly recommend Noragami; one of my absolute favorites!
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@worldofelites19 It's got lots of humor (it gets me squealing sometimes!), but also serious stuff; I think it's got the perfect balance in that regard, personally!
a year ago
@OtakuDemon10 saaaaame!
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@OtakuDemon10 thank you. I think it is like 5 others have recommended it too :)
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