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so it was realeased today that in production, is a live action TV show of Sword Art Online. ive never been excited about anime turning live action in the past, but i am surprisingly excited and stoked for this one! i feel it will do extremely well.. PLUS!! we are getting a new SAO movie next year!!! i am so excited! (:
Sao took a sharp turn from promising vr action drama to just another harem anime crap fest... I still love it though, god help me I love it
ewww the fairy arc *facepalm*
I don't think this will go well. A youtuber I like to watch made as point I agree with, which is "Live Action adaptations often suck, because they aren't MEANT to be adapted." Basically they have an anime type of feel, and seeing it live-action makes it weird. Of course, there have been some examples of good adaptations.
@raikage00 oh I agree. A really good vr action anime that I enjoyed was Overlord. I recommend that highly to anyone especially if you liked SAO. Its really just pretty badass altogether. And the main character is a straight up SAVAGE.
I heard about this and idk I have a mixed reaction on it. I thought SAO was good but it didn't really have much character development. I really hope that they put darker undertones in the live action. Like really see Kirito struggle to survive a bit more, really see the psychological effects of being stuck in game for an extended period of time and seeing more long term effects of losing a friend, not just move on so quick after meeting a pretty girl.
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