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I've never watched AOT but I will watch it...but in the mean time...let's see what my future holds lol @aimebolanos thank you for posting these. they are super fun :)
My Bestie (is this Mikasa)
My Boyfriend...Eren Right?
My Team. Is this good?
Or this Eren?
Titan :( oh well haha
@OtakuDemon10 haha yaass! I'm starting to really enjoy the show. I'm episode 8 I think. Cool, I know a lot of people cosplay them too haha
@NessaB OH I LOVE DURARARA!! I mean, in case you couldn't tell from my profile pic😃 Eren is MC, but Levi is also a very important character.
@OtakuDemon10 XD haha Eren what a stalker! 😂 Oh, Levi I've heard of him too. I'm assuming they are the main people of the anime. It is. watching Durarara rn but will start on AOT next week. 🙌
haha, yes, your boyfriend is Eren again, and your mentor/ senpai is Levi Ackerman. Not sure if it's in your list, but you should check out this anime. It's pretty good! 😉