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Wow, it seems like forever since I've actually made a post for Vingle (it has been more than a month)I've disappeared off the face of the Earth (more like Vingle to be exact) but it wasn't intentional or without reason. I'm here to explain to those who followed my collections and read my fan fiction of my absence. (let me take a breath and collect my thoughts xD.)
There are the good moments and life, which you should enjoy to the fullest, but there are also the bad moments in life as well. Unfortunately for me, the bad moments decided to punch me in the face this summer. Now I won't go into detail, because the last thing I want to do is talk about how my life is 'so bad' when there are others who probably have it worse off than me. What I will say, these past few weeks have made me realize that words hurt. A lot. Especially if they are being aimed to hurt you and loved ones.
Don't get me wrong, you should never care what others think of you, because you're your own person, and you should be proud of who you are. But sometimes some tend to forget that, myself included, and it took more of a toll on me coming from a loved one. My mind and heart couldn't handle what I was going through, which as a result put me in what I call a short term depression.
The motivation and creativity, no matter how hard I tried, just wouldn't show. My mind would swarm with negative thoughts, which stopped me from doing what I loved. But after what seemed like an eternity and with the help of those I cared about, I was able to put those negative thoughts behind me, and finally have more acceptance for myself and who I am.
Which brings me to where I am right now, looking at my computer screen, feeling more grateful for who and where I am today. Along with that, I also feel very guilty for leaving all of you guys just hanging. Now I could express how terribly sorry I am for not coming online and updating, but there would be no use because it already happened.
Instead I would like to thank those who didn't unfollow my collections and for new comers who are reading it (to my surprise, people are still reading!) I really want to get back to writing fan fiction and making others happy, and most of all I've really missed the k-pop community on vingle, people are so nice here and it always made my day reading others posts and chatting with others (it's been forever since I even read posts ive been tagged in, I have 230 notification as of right now ;-;)
So I'm hoping that now I'm back in the K-pop community, that there are still some of you who would want me to continue my BTS Jimin fan fiction (I wouldn't blame anyone if they didn't want me too- more than a month is a very long wait time >.<)
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