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Just started watching this anime and I'm in love with Shizuo!! Here are a few Pictures I found online. Hope you guys enjoy. I love Izaya too though! I didn't make any of these and they don't belong to me.
XD couldn't resist ..he is
IZAAAAAAAAAAYAAAA is my favorite, I have a thing for clever psycho freaks 😏😏 and it's cool someone else likes durarara, people I know say it's "boring" and "complicated to understand" and I'm like, "What? It explains everything!! PUT MORE ATTENTION TO THE STORY!!" tsk, humans... get on my nerves but will always be interesting. But I understand people have different taste
it is but complicated, but that's more because of the nonlinear story telling than the story itself, I think... But I actually like that about it!
@Mikazuki1 I think that's what keeps me intrigued too. it's his weird look at life and humans. he is for sure an interesting character. I love his sharp tongue and wit. ikr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ pay attention I don't find it complicated at all
currently on season 2 and it's no where near dissapointing
@NessaB favorite rivalry! I'm a bit conflicted about Izaya; I think I love him, but I may love to hate him... He's an intriguing villain
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