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Hey! Hi! Hola!

How are you?
I didn't sleep at ALL last night… My eyes burn and I'm hungry and sleep.


I finished an art request for @MelissaGarza
I hope you like it, I tried my best and I drew him while being tired.
Here's your Monsta X - Shown (?) lol
So yeah… I have a list of who I need to draw.
I put my art on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by the way. Hopefully that's cool.
I have 5 drawings I need to do at the moment plus stories lol.

TAGS: My Pack

(IF You wish to be tag/untag please let me know, thank you! ^^)
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that's so cool! I just love it. Thank you for your hard work ☺
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that is awesome!
a year ago·Reply
@MelissaGarza Oh relief… happy you love it…i was freaking out. Thank you^^
a year ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward Thank you!^///^
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that turned out awesome
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