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HAHA I FEEL LIKE I AM CHEATING ON MY 2 FAV OPPAS HEHE BIYANAEO OPPAS :( BUT DIS OPPA IZ GORGEOUS BUT TONITE I WILL ONLY DREAM OF DIS OPPA ;) <3 i wanna share the whole story abt dis song w u guys dk y bcs i want 2 ;) haha i am cool like dat and i think after hearing dis story my other 2 oppas will 4 give me 2 ;), its k if u guys don't wanna read feel free 2 skip it and enjoy the video lol i am cool w it ;) ok first i heard dis lovely song was in AGD i completely fall in love w dis song i didn't even knw dis song was from my lee seung gi oppa then once i heard the music of my lee oppa i have always been his fan and wanted 2 download his music on my ipod only ended up finding dis song after i heard it i was soo happy that this song was from him <3 but i always knew this was a proposal song but never bother looking at the eng sub haha i am soooo lazy i just looked at the lyrics now and the lyrics are just amazing wooww oppa i am really impressed :) love this song and lee oppa even more this song always makes me happy laugh giggle smile and wanna dance to cute beat it doesn't matter w or w/ot the meaning i just love it thats the power of kpop music its such a happy and cheerful song it just always makes me happy lee oppa is AMAZING :) <3 <3 <3
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i really like him too >.< he is so handsome! i loved all of his dramas ~~