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"I saw your commercial. It made me laugh." Lauren giggled to herself.
"It wasn't supposed to be a funny commercial! We were all supposed to look sexy and chic." D.O retorted.
"I don't know about that..."
"So are you saying I wasn't chic and sexy?" D.O asked cheerfully, shoving her while they both ate their dinners in the hospital. She looked him up and down and just shrugged her shoulders.
"I mean...Sure you are! You're EXO's D.O!" She tantalized.
"Yah!" D.O repaid by rubbing some of his food on her cheek and nose. She opened her mouth in astonishment. "Kyungsoo-ssi!"
"What? What?" He acted like nothing had happened. She quickly grabbed his hand and splashed it in his own food, making it splash on his tray and some on his shirt. "It's not good to play with your food, Kyungsoo. tsk tsk" She clicked her tongue.
"Miyeong-ah!" The two laughed with each other and chased each other to finish their meals so the other wouldn't tease them again. D.O squinted his eyes in delight while munching his food and watching Lauren try to shovel all of her food into her mouth.
When D.O looked at her, he could only be happy, now. The doctors had to shave her head for the surgery, so she was bald. But she still looked astonishingly beautiful to him. If anything he was happy that he could see more of her beautiful face and cute ears with little earrings in them.
They finished their food and tried racing to put their trays away, but D.O had to slow himself a little down and fake tripping so she could catch up. She was a little weak and slow having to drag her liquids with her -- Her doctor had finally let her leave the room so D.O immediately snatched her to the cafeteria. But the nurses insisted she stay connected with her medicine. The two took the short elevator ride up to her floor.
"Miyeong, I have to get going. I'll send you a video from the boys during our shoot today." D.O smiled while he helped Lauren into the bed again. Her mother was in the room, napping in the chair, and stirred some upon their arrival. "Oppa~do you have to go?" D.O loved the sound of her cooing that, but he always felt guilty. "erm. I have to. We're doing another commercial. Ice cream commercial! They're gonna give up a whole load of ice cream afterwards -- it's going to take up all of our space in the freezer. I'll be sure to bring you tons later, okay?"
She hesitated, but nodded. "Okay! Vanilla!"
"Vanilla?! Who voluntarily goes for vanilla if there's chocolate?"
"Vanilla is good! Vanilla ice cream!" She defended. D.O gave her a look.
"Okay fine.... vanilla ice cream. I'll bring you lots of vanilla ice cream" He gave in. He smiled and waved goodbye to the mother and daughter before rushing to the EXO dorm.
The EXO dorm was chaos. "D.O! You're here just in time" Suho praised. "We leave in 30 minutes. Why is your shirt so dirty? Food fight?"
D.O blushed at his messy state, but fell swiftly into his EXO persona -- one he kept ignoring when he was with Lauren.
D.O already felt full from eating plenty with Lauren at lunch, but D.O couldn't deny the smell of the delicious buckets of ice cream sitting in front of them. All of EXO could already feel brain freezes knowing how much ice cream they were about to eat. Fortunately the staff provided trash cans for each of the boys to toss out the ice cream after each shot so they wouldn't actually have to eat it.
"What a waste." Chanyeol exclaimed. "I'm not throwing out any of the ice cream that enters my mouth." Everyone laughed, but the manager gave him a look just saying 'you're gonna gain weight and you'll regret it'.
Fortunately they didn't need much makeup for this commercial and the clothes they were given were very similar to the clothes they entered in. This was like a dream commercial for all of them: casual and free food.
They all left the set groaning with full bellies and ice cream smeared all over their smiling faces. They all slept well that night. D.O already reserved 3 ice creams to give Lauren when he visited the next time.
The next morning the boys woke up to D.O's cooking and watching "The Return of Superman" upon Chanyeol's request. He couldn't get enough of the twins. Despite it being early morning, Sehun and Kai had already broken into the freezer and eaten some ice cream. Suho judged them. "We'll work it off hard during practice later today!" They defended themselves.
The next couple of days were stressful for all of EXO.
D.O (Monday 12:30pm): Fan meeting today :) I'm excited.
Lauren (Monday 12:34pm): Sounds fun! Wish I could go. . .
D.O (Monday 12:35pm): Are you kidding me? You get to see me and the boys all the time. This would be so boring to you.
Lauren (Monday 12:40pm): lol I suppose. Everyone's talking about it.
D.O (Monday 12:41pm): Who?
Lauren (Monday 12:45pm): I think you forgot that I am a fan and still keep up with the fansites...
D.O (Monday 12:46pm): Right...Well then did you see the dance practice we posted?
Lauren (Monday 12:50pm): NEW DANCE PRACTICE?! I can't find it. Send me the link!
D.O (Monday 12:51pm): Just kidding. Gotta go.
Lauren (Monday 12:55pm): Rude! Have fun.
EXO loved fan meetings; they loved meeting their fans -- hence why D.O had given in to do "Meeting You" and now he got to hang out with his number one fan every week.
"OVERDOSE! OVERDOSE! OVERDOSE!" The fans screamed when Suho announced they'd perform a dance. The boys tensed a little since they haven't practiced one of their older songs in a while, but Suho insisted they give in and dance. They all stood from their chairs and walked to the empty side of the stage. Chanyeol playfully shoved D.O onto the ground causing all of the fans to scream with laughter and concern. "He's so tiny! It was so easy -- he just toppled over" Chanyeol guffawed. "Yah! Hyung!" D.O yelled. Chanyeol in turn just tapped D.O with his shoe so they could line up and get Suho on top. D.O internally whined as Suho kept nagging D.O; why did he have to be on the bottom? He knew he was the shortest, so why was he on the bottom? Kai and Chanyeol kept D.O's legs sturdy while Suho finally got on top. D.O just kept thinking 'we could've just started without this stupid diamond thing.'
Of course Suho wanted to talk to the fans while he was up there. He gave a full speech! The background of the song! "I can see each one of you from here!"
"I can't see any of them." D.O whined. The music finally started and Suho jumped off D.O. They all danced and it actually came naturally to them. They had practiced countless times and performed the song on hundreds of stages. They were still out of breath at the end, but the music immediately started for "Call Me Baby" so the boys had to dance more.
They all said their goodbyes; The boys got many gifts and carried them with them off stage -- The fans were so generous.
Lauren (Monday 7:30pm): You whine too much.
D.O (Monday 7:34pm): Some context would be nice.
Lauren (Monday 7:35pm): He hardly shoved you! How did you fall down?!
D.O (Monday 7:36pm): YAH! MIYEONG-SSI! Chanyeol is a lot stronger than he looks...and he caught me off guard.
D.O (Monday 7:36pm): ...and how did you know?
Lauren (Monday 7:40pm): Sure. He just 'caught you off guard'...The fan cafe was talking about it. So! When can you visit? I have a surprise!
D.O (Monday 7:45pm): How does tomorrow sound? I have a little bit of time. We can eat some ice cream.
Lauren (Monday 7:46pm): Yasss plz!~I'll be waiting.
"Baekhyun! We have to restart because of Baekhyun." The choreographer announced. The boys whined and complained, slapping Baek's shoulders.
"Hyung, we haven't had anything to eat today. Can't we have a break?" Suho spoke for the group.
He hesitated, looking the heaving boys over: "Hmm...Let's try Weekly Idol style. Random Play Dance." That was a big request. The boys groaned and moaned, but agreed. It seemed more entertaining than practicing the same song over and over again on repeat. They all complained louder and chugged some water before setting up for Mama.
Once they heaved to a finish, D.O ran to the freezer -- he had brought the ice cream from the EXO dorm to the studio. He snatched his bag and phone before going to the hospital. Before entering her room, D.O went to the restroom so he could spruce up; He combed his hair and put on some powder on his face so he could look prettier. He sprayed some perfume on so he wouldn't smell of sweat.
He opened the chocolate ice cream he brought for himself and put it in his mouth before entering Lauren's room.
She was sitting on the bed watching something on her laptop. She looked up and gleamed at seeing her favorite singer. His mouth dropped when he saw the long black locks on her head. She looked as glamorous as ever. He dropped the ice cream out of his mouth and his hand fell by his side in shock.
"What do you think?"
"'re gorgeous." he blushed. "But..."
"It's not mine, obviously." She mentioned, stroking the hair sitting on her shoulder, then going back to her laptop, smiling at the screen. D.O walked beside her to see what she was smiling at.
"It's a gif?!" He yelled in astonishment. "Don't you love your fandom?" She laughed
"Who?! Why?! Why do people want to see Chanyeol pushing me and me falling onto my ass?!" D.O asked while sitting next to her.
"Lots of people, actually....I have been watching it for a while. It was seriously so funny. I just wish I could've seen it in person." D.O glared at her response.
He took his attention away to pet her head and the shining hair. He didn't quite understand, but wouldn't press her.
"Oh my God, you brought it?!" She exclaimed when she saw the ice cream in his other hand. She snagged the grocery bag and ripped one of them open. Her eyes rolled back as she tasted the ice cream. "Oppa. I love it!"
"But it's vanilla...."
"Vanilla is good!"
The two sat there eating their ice cream, watching more gifs fans had made from the fan meeting the day before.
D.O looked up from the screen with ice cream in his mouth. "What?" He asked without removing the popsicle.
"Yours looks pretty good. Can I have some?"
"WHAT?! You practically begged for Vanilla!" He told her.
"But but but....Oppa~Kyungsoo Oppa~" She said with the cutest face and puppy dog eyes. She eyed the ice cream in his hand.
"You want it? Here! Here! Have it. I asked if you wanted chocolate, but you insisted you wanted vanilla." He smudged the chocolate ice cream popsicle onto her face. Before he could take his hand away, she snagged his hand and forced the ice cream into her mouth.
"Thanks oppa." She said after she bit a chunk out of his and was licking her the ice cream on her face he smeared everywhere.
He looked at her disgustingly: "Lauren."
She just laughed "You're right. The chocolate one is good. I bet you had PLENTY of it on set. You wouldn't miss it."
"I like ice cream. I like chocolate. You owe me."
She nodded in agreement: "Fine fine fine! Here!" And took her vanilla ice cream popsicle and smeared it all over his face. "I promise to bring the ice cream next time, okay?"
He closed his eyes laughing at her childish move. "Good. You bring the ice cream next time."
The two laughed at their ridiculous faces stained with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
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