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So found this a little while ago and I'm official so done with people.
You get to page 4 and maybe before hand, but people just start hating.
People saying until she succeeds, and I'm here like SHE ALREADY HAS. Just because you think she is using "popular" and what some people call "great" and "Better than her" artist you really have a problem.
And then that happened and I thought i was gonna blow up I got so angry. It's not fair that you expect her to pop a USA debute out of thin air.....they have to work on it. All the stuff that's going on and crap you can't expect her to be able to just pop out a song. And to say she is a Nicki Minaj wannabe you have some nerve cause as far as I've seen CL has proven her fire and swag and I'm MY OPINION is better than Nicki Minaj and honestly I will always like CL better.
So leave my queen alone because you have nothing better to do. If you don't Ill use fireworks to set you on fire.
she's nothing like Nicki Minaj... 😒 Can people stop hating on her?? She has contracts in the fashion and make up industry, she has a contract with T-mobile what more do they want???
@KatelynSummerso please don't be sorry this is a place where every one should be able to freely express their opinion with out feeling attacked but apparently we cant.
@KatelynSummerso no I don't mean to sound upset it's just lets not hate you know we all love CL and she needs to be supported by her company more but yes I understand where your coming from
@NydiaEdwards I'm sorry😥 I shouldn't have said that. Honestly, I listen to Nicki Minaj's music and yes she is talented. But I don't like the fact that she's had ALOT of surgery. Its a personal opinion. I say the same thing with K idols. Please don't bash me for what I think. I'll remove my comment since it made you upset. I didn't want anyone to be angry with me so, again I apologize.
Omg stop dissing nicki minaj she's a good rapper so is Cl I hate people who wanna say don't hate on our artist but then hate on others 😡 Cl is great and she needs to be supported more but stop trying to bring down others also nicki minaj is not a fake person yes she has had surgery but then that makes you look stupid since many Kpop Stars have had surgery so stop dissing other successful people who have worked hard also😒 @KatelynSummerso Then your saying nicki minaj is a downtown hooker no she's not!! And if you look at some Kpop videos they do sexy dances and wear stuff just like nicki so get your facts right and stop being rude.👏🏽✌🏽️
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