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I'm Angry
So found this a little while ago and I'm official so done with people.
You get to page 4 and maybe before hand, but people just start hating.
People saying until she succeeds, and I'm here like SHE ALREADY HAS. Just because you think she is using "popular" and what some people call "great" and "Better than her" artist you really have a problem.
And then that happened and I thought i was gonna blow up I got so angry. It's not fair that you expect her to pop a USA debute out of thin air.....they have to work on it. All the stuff that's going on and crap you can't expect her to be able to just pop out a song. And to say she is a Nicki Minaj wannabe you have some nerve cause as far as I've seen CL has proven her fire and swag and I'm MY OPINION is better than Nicki Minaj and honestly I will always like CL better.
So leave my queen alone because you have nothing better to do. If you don't Ill use fireworks to set you on fire.
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@NydiaEdwards you know I'm not going to so people can see that we are both idiots who get Into a tiny argument because we are oppinionated.
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@NydiaEdwards I have a big mouth. I am going to change up my wording on the card but my opinion will still stand.
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@chaineduperror I understand I shouldn't have came off so rude and yes I have a really big mouth to and I apologize.
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@NydiaEdwards and plus we agree on the whole masturbation thing with BTS.
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@chaineduperror yes that's just ridiculous 馃槀 if I find her I might go crazy 馃槀
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