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My Thoughts

LOVED THE HECK OUT OF THIS MOVIE!! The only person that I had really low expectations from this movie was Will Smith playing as Dead shot............... BUT my gosh he proved me wrong lol he was like my favortie character of the whole movie!! HE PLAYED the part so well.... every time he was on the screen (Which was like the whole movie) I loved him hahah I love that he proved my expectations wrong lol and nailed the character! :) And Margot Robbie playing as Harley Quinn was amazing! ❤ I will give this movie 8.5/10 there was some parts of the movies that i didnt like BUT there was more good than bad in the movie. SOOOOO IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET GO WATCH IT!!!!!
What did you guys think of the movie?? :) like it? hate it? Better than BVS? Let me know in the comments below :)
I was very disappointed,😐 the characters where awesome and the comedy and the sound track too 👍but, the story was for me kinda lame👎. Maybe I just expected more epic fight scenes. And the scene when (spoilers) Death shot was gonna shot the bomb to destroy the thingy that was destroying the world was SOOOOOO SLOW they could've went normal and then make it slow when his "daughter" showed up. I was about to scream, "shoot the damn bomb already!"😬 The story was not as interesting, maybe could've added some plot twist and action here and there, but that is just my opinion.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think the only one who kept the movie from being really bad was attitude and personalities of the squad.
@Mikazuki1 I agree hahah that part was way to slow LOL i didnt like it either 😂 but you right tho 👌👍
I really expected The Wall to be a slight more trigger happy, but I was very happy with Viola's portrayal, otherwise. What really disappointed me was the glorification of Harley and Joker's relationship. I was hoping for a bit more character development for her and Katana both. Contrastly, I was quite impressed that while the women were few, they truly dominated the action.
Overall, I enjoyed the aesthetics, but looking closer, there was a lot to improve upon.
@BeannachtOraibh I agree Katana could've been fleshed out more as a character and there were some weak points through out the but for a script that was written in 6 weeks this movie was amazing