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Monsta X Scavenger Hunt W1

Since Stuck is coming very soon I decided to try this scavenger hunt by @BBxGD. It was really fun and I recommend other Monbebes try it.

1. Picture of I.M Dimples.

For some reason I never have good quality photos so I apologize but still I think I.M is adorable here.

2. Picture of Minhyuk wearing flowers on his head.

I love how he's clutching the flower crown like he's afraid someone will take it from him.

3. Favorite Group Picture of Monsta X.

This was kinda hard to choose for me, but when All In album came out my favorite song was Stuck. There was something about the song that I just fell in love with Monsta X all over again. So this became my favorite group picture. Plus who wouldn't love Wonho and Hyungwon is chokers!

4. Picture of Hyungwon wearing contacts.

I was watching All In Behind the scenes videos and while they were making the jacket pictures he was wearing this contacts and I automatically wanted a pair similar to these.

5. Picture of Kihyun's Tongue.

Boy really needs to stop and stay in his lane.

6. Picture of Wonho with handcuffs.

Only he would be this happy with those in his hand. Killing me slowly!!

7. Video of Minhyuk waking up Jooheon.

Jooheon is me in the mornings. You can ask me things but, I'll never say more than umm and yeah.

8. Favorite GIF of Monsta X Bias.

I admit that I have 3 biases from this group. And I have GIFS for each of them! It was so difficult narrowing it down, but the contact lens, his expression, and his outfit totally won.

9. Favorite video of Monsta X Funny Moments.

I loved their school episodes. When they had P.E. and Biology I couldn't stop laughing haha!

10. Picture of Jooheon with a gun.

I enjoy their debut a lot. So it was fitting to use this gun picture.

11. Video of Wonho and Hyungwon's Titanic Moment.

Aish these two. I love them both to death. They're both dorky and cringe worthy haha.

12. Favorite Monsta X Ship.

My two of three biases. They have such a great friendship and I love watching them interact with one another. 2WON is forever in my opinion.
Well that does it for the scavenger hunt. Also wanna say I've never posted videos so I hope they work. I'd tag all my people from my taglist but I don't want to miss anyone. If I did let me know. Also if you don't want to be tagged let me know. Tagging: @VatcheeAfandi99 @Vkookie47 @PrettieeEmm @IsoldaPazo @JohnEvans @swarrier16 @BBxGD @ninjamidori @TiffanyBibian @shisuschrist @kieuseru @justcallmekyki @AubriePope @SabrinaKeovilay @H8rt4u @AlittleJoy @SuperJuniorelf @poofy @aegyoxprincess @RainbowRadio @aliahwhbmida @aliahwhbmida @poofy @PolarStarr @Lexxcisco @LizzyRubyCiss @KaiChenExo @kieuseru @xxMollxx @Bridgetjara @BlackFawn @NellybugJohnson @modhippe
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