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On September 12, 1994, a precious someone was born...

He grew up up to be an intelligent, young man filled with passion and determination.

Through sheer effort, he made a name for himself and became someone absolutely amazing.

Choosing to train under Hitman Bang, he met a certain group of lovable idiots...

Only to find himself leading them to greatness.

Thank you for showing us so many sides of yourself ♡

And for enduring all the pain.

We wouldn't be here without you!

♡ Happy 8000 days, Kim Namjoon! We love you!!! ♡

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@xxxtina @warning @anna96 of course! ^^
a year ago·Reply
Oh my hearteu~ why haven't I find out about this card a little sooner.? Thanks for making it, I love everything about it. Especially because, ugh.. Namjoon biased right here! Hehe please tag me on your cards~!
a year ago·Reply
ugh i love him so much! and you just had to bring back the rapmon prank didnt you lol jk. what has been 8000 days since? sorry im new haha. and also whats the gif of him reading bad comments from? i feel so bad for him
a year ago·Reply
@MirandaStephens 8000 days since he was born~ the bad comments gif came from 4 things show (가지쇼) ep.3 with Rap Monster
a year ago·Reply
@badtz thanks for making this card! I love it!! He is THE reason why I started following BTS. I look forward to many great things they are going to do!
a year ago·Reply