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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 8 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson & Mark of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Y/N's POV "Ahhh Fuck Hoseok! Don't stop." you yelled in passion. You two had blood on both your lips. After he fed from you, you became hungry and weak again. He gave you blood from his fridge but once again you got drunk off of it. The taste of human blood always sent waves through your body making you more of a monster than anything. It was weird because human blood made you strong enough to take on Wonho but his blood made you strong enough to knock Changkyun over. Certainly his claim over you didn't have that kind of power. Still, to calm you down so you wouldn't go killing anyone, he occupied your blood lust by focusing on your lust. This time moving at speeds that could break a human in half. Changkyun never moved that fast when you two were together, quiet possibly because he knew it could've killed you. "You're amazing Y/N." he growled roughly against your lips. You felt his release and both of your moans filled the room. "Fuck." you breathed. "You look really sexy with blood on your lips." he said. He hovered over you and licked the remaining blood off of them. His forearm was next to your head, his thumb rubbing the hair by your temple; he was looking you deep the eyes. You could see your purple eyes reflecting back in his blue ones. You pulled back your fangs, "I have to go." you said sitting up. "Where are you going?" he asked. You were picking your clothes up as you answered, "Back to my place, my friend is going to go see the light today thanks to your little earring I want to be there when he sees it. Thanks again for the blood by the way because of you I don't have six dead bodies at my place right now." "So you live with seven men?" he asked. "Actually eight. My other friend came with us." "Was that the one you were talking to on the phone the first night?" You nodded, you were now fully clothed and ready to leave. "Looks like our deal is fulfilled. Then again you did want me to find the Huntress for you." "How did you plan on finding yourself?" he smiled. You looked back at him. You pulled out your gun on him, "Damn and I kind of liked you too." you said. Hoseok held up his hands, "Hold on, I didn't tell anyone and I don't plan to either." You looked at him suspiciously. "Why not?" You asked. In a second, he was behind you wrapping both his arms around you. Holding you tight and shifting his weight slightly onto your back, his head rested on your shoulder. "Shouldn't you know by now? I love you, I don't want Changkyun taking another one of my claims. I'll help you kill him." he said. "Progenys are loyal to their makers." "In turn, Makers are loyal to their progenys. Yet the only one out of my brothers that gets that respect is Shownu." "Right the one with the arms, he's rather cute I hear he's my number one fan." you said sarcastically. He chuckled, that sound was soothing to your ears and to your heart. Still, you didn't want human emotions clouding your judgement. You had to shut them down for a second. Hoseok had a away of making you feel more alive and it was odd because you didn't know him for very long yet you could feel something growing inside. Again, you reasoned it could be his claim over you but you had no real proof. You didn't like that, it was easier not to feel anything, you had to go back to being the Huntress. The woman with no heart, that's how you would kill Changkyun. "Hoseok you shouldn't trust me." you spoke truthfully. "I turn my back on people that get too close. One person has gotten close to me and even then I turn on him when he gets too close. You loving me won't change anything." you finished. "She said the same thing." "You mean Yoona? Changkyun said I looked like her." you said. "You do, or rather she looks like you. I guess some decedents can still look like they're ancestors." he said. "What do you mean by that?" "I had someone dig up Yoona's family line just to be sure. You didn't just look similar look almost identical, she could've passed as your sister. Turns out her line goes back to you, she's on your brother's half of the family." "That's right, his wife stayed at her mother's house an extra day so she could spend time with their son. After I got out of the house I left and didn't come back, not even to check on her." you said remembering that day. Your heart began beating faster, it ached everytime you thought about it but it also sent a rush through your veins. Every memory that came with Changkyun especially that one made you want to kill him more. It excited your blood lust. "You were scared weren't you?" he asked. "No- I was hungry. I murdered fifty people that same day. I walked around for three days covered in blood just crying. I saved the wolf king like a week later from some Vampire group," You smiled your arrogant smile, "They called themselves seventeen which I guess had to stand for something otherwise they just couldn't count. There were only thirteen guys." Hoseok chuckled. "I don't get why I'm telling you this, what does a claim do anyway?" You asked. "Over time it strengthens the bond between us. You're actually more resistant to it than others probably because you're a half life. I can feel your heart just as you can feel mine. You trust me even without wanting to." "So that means Yoona wasn't really in love with you it was just a condition." "No a claim doesn't take away free will to love k a person or not. There have been brothers where one was turned and the other was human and to protect them he would claim him. That didn't mean the brother fell in love with the other it just connected them more than they already were. I can track your scent for miles, if you call for me I can feel your pull and come to you. My scent is on you so Vampires everywhere know you belong to me, even Changkyun. Anything you feel for me is of your own free will but in turn you know how I feel for you. If you still don't believe me," His hand slowly trailed up yours and he turned you around. He pressed the barrel to the gun to where his heart was and said, "Kill me." You looked him in the eyes, they had gone back to their original color. The deepest brown eyes you could ever get sucked into. You felt no reason to kill him, you oddly trusted him. You sighed putting the gun away and he smiled, "You better not make me regret this." you said. "Or I will kill you." "I believe you." he said before kissing you again. Your phone rang, it was Jackson calling. You answered, "What's going on?" "Two things: Yoongi won't come out of his room and we need to go hunting, my wolf is starving." he said. "Fine but we need to talk, Changkyun is here already and I need Yoongi to be ready." "I'm not sure he's ready Y/N you freaked him out a little on your outing yesterday." "Yeah I know but playing nice with Vampires won't get me anywhere." "Still, maybe you should try a more gentle approach when you show up. He'll probably relax more." he advised. "Can't Namjoon do it? The boys listen to him anyway or even Jin he's like their mother I swear." you grumbled. "You said so yourself we have seven children to deal with now. You might as well step up to the plate mommy." he teased. "Please don't ever call me that again and fine I'll be right there. I'll try to be nice or whatever." "As long as you try." he mused. You rolled your eyes hanging up on him, "Yoongi is Changkyun's progeny." Hoseok said. "Yup, if you're really going to help me kill your maker you may want to know the plan but play nice with you baby brother the last thing I need are raging Vamps in my place.." "You can lead the way Monbebe." He kissed you again, harder this time and his hand cupped your face. His fangs came out again by mistake allowing your blood to enter his mouth. You pulled away, you could feel your eyes change color and his were already blue. "One more thing, the humans there don't know that I'm a half life so don't say anything about it." you said. He nodded. He must've put his clothes back on while you were talking which was fine. So you two headed out and to the dorm. You arrived minutes later and Hoseok walked in behind you. Jackson stood up looking at Wonho oddly. He looked at you with a side eye, "Um Y/N who's your Vampire friend you brought with yah?" he asked. "He's the one that claimed me." You said. His eyes widened and Mark poked his head around the wall. Damn it you thought at the very least he'd tell you Mark was there. Mark stood up furious, "You brought him here?" he yelled. You put up your hands, "Okay just relax-" "Relax, you brought a murderer into your house!" he yelled. "I never killed Yoona." Hoseok clarified. "No you did much worse you watched your maker kill her and didn't even bat an eyelash. Which is twice as bad!" Mark yelled. By now the boys had come down the steps to find out what happened. Namjoon and Jin were in front of them both of them holding their arms out to stop the rest of the guys from coming down any further. "What's going on?" Namjoon's deep voice rang as he walked down the steps. Jin stayed with the boys on the steps keeping them behind him. All their heads poked out from over him to see what was going on. Mark was staring down Hoseok who was still stood behind you. You were starting to get what Hoseok said about you two being connected. You knew he loved you which was still odd to you but you felt a sort of ache in your chest when he mentioned Hoseok just watching Yoona die. "Your care taker invited the progeny of your friend's maker." Mark practically spat out. "You did what?" Namjoon asked looking at you confused. "Well technically he is his brother now." You said nonchalantly. "If Mark is going to stay here perhaps I better go you can fill me in on the plan later." Hoseok said. "No Hoseok stay here." you said looking back at him. You turned back to Mark but you didn't miss Jimin whispering to the Hoseok on the stairs that they shared the same name. Boy that was going to get confusing. For now you'd refer to him by Wonho. It was the name Changkyun and the others used most times. "Then I'm going." Mark said about to leave. "Mark wait." Jackson asked. "Alright would everyone just shut up and sit down! At this time I'm seriously contemplating killing you all and just going back to hunting on my own." You yelled. You huffed irritated, "Now look Mark like it or not Wonho is here and we'll need his help if my plan is to work so you're going to play nice with him. Do. You. Understand?" You said emphasizing that last half. Mark looked at you upset, "Oh sweetie get it through your head I can send you to meet your sister right now without a care just by killing you. I much prefer my body count to consist of dead Vampires though. The only reason you're still even alive is because of Jackson because trust me I wouldn't have given you a warning." you almost growled. Mark looked to Jackson. Jackson was looking at you frustrated that things were getting out of hand but he looked to Mark and nodded to confirm what you said was the truth. "The fact of the matter is, you've already served your purpose to me but if you still want to kill the actual Vampire that killed your sister, you two will play nice no if, ands or buts about it. Now sit down and calm yourself. I have a plan but I need to go get Yoongi out of his room right now apparently he refuses to leave." "Y/N you said you'd be nice." Jackson called to you as you walked over to the stairs. "Yeah well they pissed me off so one of the boys better come with me cause I swear I'll kick his ass." you yelled back. You could hear him huff. Namjoon must've tried to follow because you heard Jimin's voice come from behind you saying, "I'll go hyung." "Just remember to be careful." he warned. He must've nodded because there was no other words spoken from either boys. You heard his feet shuffling from behind you. You turned to him and noticed marks on his neck like someone had grabbed him by it. Your hand went to go touch him and he flinched a little. You stopped for a second and sighed, "Relax, Yoongi cares about all of you too much. I wouldn't really kill you I think he's suffered enough don't you? Did this happen from playing around or did you guys fight?" You asked gently. Good grief you really were sounding like a mother. Someone nurturing and caring far beyond the badass you were. That was annoying. Still you kept up that appearance. Jimin looked down and away from you his big eyes looking like they had now disappeared. "Did Yoongi do this to you?" You asked. "It's fine Jackson and the others got him off of me. He was just having a bad dream he didn't know what he was doing." "Well at least he wasn't hungry, he should be fine for another day but I'll feed him again just to make sure. Let's go in." You said. You turned the door knob and walked in. His coffin was cracked open and Yoongi was sitting in the corner curled up looking depressed. "Get out." he whispered. "You have better hearing now so you know I'm not in the mood Yoongi. I was so prepared to see you standing in the sun too." You said looking at the window. He had the curtains still covered, he must've been nervous to go in the light. "Hyung I know you didn't mean it. You don't have to hide yourself from us." Jimin said. "You're just making excuses for me." he said lowly. You opened up the curtain to let the light in, Jimin looked at you wide eyed, "What are you doing?" he asked. "What he's wearing the earring he's fine. Come here Yoongi." you said. "No, just get out I don't want to see you two." You sighed and walked up to him and pulled him up by the collar of his shirt. Jimin called out your name but you ignored him. "Here's the thing Yoongi, you're maker is back in town and if you want to get back at him for fucking you over you're going to get yourself together. You're gonna put on your big boy panties and your going to fucking fight. Vampires are not weaklings they are Hunters." "Monsters." he corrected. He looked up at Jimin then looked away from him still ashamed. You scoffed, "You really want to be this pathetic? You saved my life yesterday you idiot. You attacked your friend in your sleep fucking get over it he obviously doesn't hate you. You really expect someone like you to kill Changkyun. Vampires are Vampires they make the choice to be monster or Hunters. Not all Vampires are worth killing. Vampires like you are worth keeping alive. At least you were last night but if you want to die so bad here," You tossed him into the sun, and broke off the leg to the chair in the room. "Y/N stop it he's just upset." Jimin begged you. You shook your head walking up to him. "No he's just a bitch." You threw the wooden leg on the ground in front of him. "Go on don't waste my time. If you feel that pathetic then do the world a favor and end it. Go join your lady love in the after life. Go on do it!" you yelled. "Y/N stop it. Yoongi don't listen to her, we're your family we don't care if you lose control sometimes we understand." Jimin tried to reason. So you added fuel to the fire. "Oh right, they understand. They understand your urge to kill just to survive. Your need to feed on blood, the desire that comes when your thirsty and you don't want to drink but you've got six human friends that have pulsing veins just ready to drink from. They understand that right Yoongi? What do humans know about what you go through, you'll be alive when they're long gone and then you'll be alone again. It's best to end it now you'll see them again when they die. And you know I sure as hell won't protect them and with Changkyun around I could just use them as bait, feed him their blood. Dead body after dead body. You'd be reunited with them soon." "Stop it Y/N." Yoongi finally said. "Why? You're just as much of a monster as Changkyun right. After all you are his progeny. You drank the blood of your dead girlfriend-" "Stop it." he repeated he said desperate. "You've even realized it's only a matter of time before you eat them too. That's why you're like this, all depressed. Just end it, if you can't be a Hunter then you're a monster. So just spare everyone else the pity party and end it." "I said fucking stop it!" he yelled. He had thrown the wooden leg at you and with amazing accuracy if you weren't fast enough it would've hit your heart and he would've killed you. You smiled after he lunged at you and slammed you into the wall. "Oh that monster is coming out I see?" you teased. "Yoongi stop it!" Jimin yelled. "Let her go." Wonho had zipped up the stairs and was now in the doorway. "Stay there Wonho." you demanded. "What are you two doing?" Jackson said from the door. Namjoon had walked in to pull Jimin back. All the boys including Mark were by the door looking in. Yoongi was still pressed against you. "You're a Vampire Yoongi that isn't going to change until the day someone puts a stake through your heart. That does not mean you don't have a choice. Look at those boys by the door." you said. "No." "Yoongi look at them, look at the family you still have. The family that even if you do exhibit some animal behavior are still behind you one hundred percent." "I can smell their fear." "Can you blame them, you're kind of scary when you're angry." you said with a smirk. You reached up to cup his face, "You're stronger than any other Vampire I know because you choose everyday not to give into the monster you believe you are. You're this angry, this powerful and your eyes haven't even turned a shade of yellow or red. Your fangs are still in, you really didn't even want to kill me. You have a huge support system stop acting like you're alone. Namjoon what is Yoongi to you?" "He's my brother." he responded understanding now what you had done. "Do you all agree with that?" you asked. "Yes." everyone including Mark and Jackson said. "Come here." You said. You wrapped your arm around his neck and brought him into a hug which he willing received. You could hear his heart settle and almost sound as if it skipped a beat when you whispered, "What we are doesn't define us it's what we do." You pulled away slowly, "All that anger and frustration point it towards the one that tried to destroy you and help us destroy him." You said. Yoongi looked you in the eyes uncertain at first then nodded. You two bumped fists and he went over to the boys all of them pulling him into a group hug. Jackson walked over to you and whispered, "You're the only person I know that can be nice without actually being nice. I don't even know how that's possible." You shrugged, "I guess I'm lying if I said I didn't give a damn about them. I must be losing my edge." Jackson chuckled. Wonho came over to you and quickly pecked your lips, "Why do you do things like this?" "I'm a handful get used to it." you shrugged with your arms crossed. "Trust me she's done worse. She stabbed herself once and nearly gave me a heart attack all to win some bet." Jackson said looking at you shaking his his head. "Oh come on don't be a drama queen, it wasn't that bad and I healed nicely. I got what I needed too so it's not like it was for nothing.." "Is that what the scar is on your stomach?" Wonho asked. That made you uncomfortable, he seemed to have noticed but he waited for a response anyway. You cleared your throat. "No, that's where Changkyun ripped a hole in me. I don't know why it stayed but it did." you whispered. He nodded in silence. "Alright everyone downstairs were going to talk about the Vampires Conference." You said heading for the door of Yoongi's room. You saw him standing in the light from his window with the guys, all of them amazed that he wasn't burning. Yoongi seemed the most amazed by it. He reluctantly left while you all headed to the living room..... Two days passed and the Vampires conference had come. Changkyun had his hand wrapped around you and not a care in the world that Wonho saw. You did tell him you had to go as his date and he hated it but he put it aside for the plan. Though, he was still meant to show his jealousy to appease Changkyun. You were both very aware that he wanted you two and the other boys to know that you were still his despite Wonho's claim on you but you weren't his. Any love you had for him died two hundred years ago with your family. You warned Wonho that he may kiss you and you'd have to let him. He had to keep his cool as much as possible. Changkyun had kissed you, several times. A few times you caught Hoseok squeezing his fist till his knuckles turned white. You held back the urge to bring your fangs out. Throughout most of the night, you just wanted to kill him. He was showing you off to the other kings of certain areas and they talked about business. Shownu never left yours and Changkyun's side. You kind of figured that would happen but it was annoying to have him giving you the evil eye the entire time. He probably didn't like that Changkyun was so into you. He didn't trust you and with good reason but you didn't know if it was because he knew your influence over Changkyun when you were human and married or if it was because you were a half life Hunter. Either way he didn't trust you and you were doing everything you could to just play nice and not lead him to think something was up. You were a good actor though, years of pretending to have feelings or voiding your feelings altogether came in handy. You had run down all the possibilities of what the 'Huntress' might do during the Vampire conference including the UV light bit. You were famous for using those toys. This time it would be simple though and about half past midnight the lights to the room went out. Chattering from the guests went on and Changkyun gripped onto you tighter maybe to make sure you couldn't get away or maybe he really wanted to protect you. As instructed, Wonho called out for you and you answered to him. Changkyun had done his best to keep you two separate for the past two days so you both knew once he called out to you and you answered Changkyun would send him away. "Wonho, Minhyuk, Jooheon. Go get the damn lights back on." he said annoyed. Minhyuk knew you were the Huntress but he always liked the idea of you trying to kill Changkyun. He was the type that liked the game of cat and mouse and so he promised he wouldn't say a word about who you were. He just kind of wanted to watch how things happened, he in all honesty wasn't Changkyun's biggest fan and you were starting to wonder if any of the guys aside form Shownu actually liked Changkyun. The only thing is that Minhyuk refused to help you, on the off chance you were found out, he didn't want his life on the line too. You could partly understand but you really didn't care as long as he kept his mouth shut. The lights began to flicker, the second sign and then the sound of glass breaking, the glass window above was broken in. You looked up after all the glass had fallen. The silhouette of a human with a cloak on. "Changkyun." You said pointing at the figure. The figure dropped something down and Changkyun order Kihyun and Hyungwon to follow the shadow. You had gotten your head count and you had gotten your distraction. Changkyun was worried, suddenly the flash went off. A UV bomb burning down the Vampires in the room that didn't have protection from magic charms. When the lights got back on, only eighteen Vampires remained standing and you weren't even finished yet......
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