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FLY in HongKong about last week was it?..
At JYP NATION.. SO The Tattoo is like very recent.. it doesnt really matter right?!..they are allowed to do whatever they want with their lives..but I have a feeling why he did it That Jackson is made out Gold and Diamonds...
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@briannasj17 I know is very small right next to his ear..small cross very small
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that is such a perfect place to put a tattoo
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@VIPFreak2NE1 ..No one can see it?? lol
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@luna1171 it's just a cool place to put one like it's there but not as noticeable馃槄 and once someone notices it's like wow how did I not notice it before?
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Remember when everyone though JB got musical note tattooed on the same spot on the left side?
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