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Hey everyone! I must apologize for taking so long to put tout is chapter up. I have been extremely busy this week with work. This chapter is long but has more depth of the characters. Hope you all enjoy. Just a heads up. Wanna be a few more chapters left to this story, so I hope you're ready. Much ❤
Jay's Perspective Looking at Ashley and Simon and how they have been acting makes me wonder if my relationship with Marricke' will turn out like that. I want to talk to her but I don't think she will listen to me. So I hit up the only person that I know she could be with right now. Dok2. I know we ain't on good terms right now but I need some way to get her to talk to me and right now he is my only option. Hell I'm hoping we can keep our friendship as well. Marricke' is important to both of us. I just want the chance to make it up to her. Even if she decides to stay with him, I'm not gonna lie I will be hurt but at the same time, I at least know that the person she is with will treat her how she deserves to be treated. Dok2 perspective It's been another crazy day and I just wanted to get my girl away from it all. It's so funny now that I think about it. MY GIRL. Who would have thought that this would have happened. She looks so beautiful just staring out into the sunset on the Han river, but my concentration was broken with the ringing of my phone. "Yo. Its Dok2" "Hey Dok2 its me, Jay" I look at Marricke' as she looks at me with a questioning look. Do I tell her who it is or don't I. I don't want to ruin this but I also don't want to lie to her. "Hey babe, its Jay. I'll be right back" Her smile fades at the mention of his name. "Hey Jay, man look this better be good. I'm really...." "Is she with you right now?" "Yea she is. Look what is that you want?" "I know some shit went down and I never got to explain to her what happened. I just want a chance to talk to her. That's it. Once I have said my peace then...." "Okay so what does this have to do with me? Woah, if you're asking me to talk to her about meeting you, I don't know if that's such a good idea. She has been through a lot. Her and Ashley both." "I know that. That's why I want to try and make it right. It's because I know that I'm the one who caused this" "Jay. Honestly give her time. Its still fresh in her mind and I don't think you wanting to talk right now is the best idea!" "So... What I should wait just so you can have more time with her. Is that what you're saying?" "Naw that's not what I'm saying.. You know what if you wanna know what she's feeling, talk to Ashley. You have a better chance of getting answers out of her right now than Marricke'." I knew he was right. M doesn't forgive so easily and I can't blame her. She had been hurt in the past and I promised her that I would never do anything to hurt her and look what I did. I broke it.
Marricke's Perspective I just look at Dok2 as he tells me that its Jay that's calling. I'm not going to stop him from talking to him. I have no right or say in the matter. They have been friends for years. I can tell just by looking at his face that he doesn't really want to talk to him but that he know he probably should. He walks off into the distance and I can see him getting more frustrated by the minute *deep sigh* "Well there goes our relaxing and sweet time together" I say as I lay back and just listen to the water lapping up the beach side and the cool breeze flowing in the trees. "Hey babe. I'm sorry for leaving to talk to him. I just figured it would be best if I did." I look up to see Dok2 looking at me with so much anxiety on his face. I hate that I did this to him. I tilt my head back and give him a kiss. "Thank you! Thank you for everything and I'm sorry" He looks at me confused. "Why would you be sorry? You have nothing to apologize f..." I propped myself up on my elbows and looked him deep in his eyes "Because it is my fault and I am wrong. Honestly Dok2, you and Jay have always been like brothers and now I feel like.. Wait correction... I am coming between that friendship and brotherhood and I hate it!" Tears well up in my eyes as he pulls me into his embrace and kisses me on my cheek "Marricke'.. Baby girl.. I get it. I really do. Yea we were all close like family and that clown went and did you wrong. No matter how close Jay and I are... No were... You didn't deserve what he did. If that means that being with you means I'll lose his friendship then so be it... But I'll be damned if I lose you. I may regret this in the end but right now, I'm going to enjoy everyday as if it were our last. "Now if you decide to meet with him and let him explain his side of everything, I won't be mad at you because at the very least you are owed that." All I could do was smile and laugh through the tears. I turned around and kissed him. Kissed him like i was going to lose him and then just rested my head on his chest so I could hear his heartbeat. I could feel him smile through his chest as his breathing changed. I don't know how he is doing it but he's making me want to love again. "I don't deserve you. You know that right? You have been way too good to me. I have also put you at odds with your best friend. That's not fair to you!" "M. I never asked for anything fair. I wasn't expecting for all of this to happen at once or at all. Jay's and I relationship, it will be okay. We just need to talk it out that's all. Don't worry about us. One last thing, don't ever say that you don't deserve me. You deserve to be loved no matter what aight!" "Okay" I said looking at him smiling. This man is making it so hard right now because I'll always love Jay but he is making his way into my heart. Not only that but also leaving his mark.
Two Weeks Later Marricke's Perspective These days Ashley and I have just been trying to keep ourselves busy so we don't have to focus on anything. Between her and mine rehearsal schedule we have hardly time to see each other until today. Its been nice to just sit at home and relax. But then I get a call and its Simon. "Hey Marricke' its me Simon. How ya been?" I'm actually surprised that he called considering that we haven't spoken to beach other since that day everything went down with him and Ashley. "Hey Simon what's up. I've been good. How about you?" I can see Ashley look at me from across the room and I just shrug my shoulder to answer he questioning look. "I ummm.. I need your help with something. Can you meet me at Tiffany's in Seoul?" "Umm yea sure.. I'm on my way." I hang up the phone and go get ready to meet up with Simon. "Ash don't be mad but I'm gonna meet up with Simon. Maybe I can knock some sense into him." "Yea good luck with that," Ashley says as I run out the door. I finally get to Tiffany's and see Simon waiting outside for me. "You been here long" I ask him as I approach. "Naw, I just got here a couple minutes ago" says Simon. I give him a hug hand I could feel all the tension he was holding onto release itself. "Come on, lets go in." We get inside and I realize why we were here. Simon is here to pick out the wedding jewelry for his ceremony which supposed to take place next year. But the question is I have is "Simon why aren't you looking at these with your fiancee?" "She was supposed to be here, but apparently something more important came up. The worst part is that, this story is where Ashley wanted to get our wedding jewelry from when we were to walk down the aisle. I didn't want to get our wedding stuff from here but Mel insisted." He sighs deeply as he keeps talking about what he had planned for him and Ashley while walking around looking at the different selections. "Simon. You're such an idiot! I don't get you. You sit here and talk about her as if you still love her and she is the only one that you want to be with but yet here we are. You engaged to some bitch and Ashley still getting over you while getting to know Flow. So why don't you tell me. What the fuck gives?!" He looks at me shocked.
Simon's Perspective I never expected Marricke' to raise her voice at me like that. But then again she was like a sister to me and I know how her temper is, especially when it comes to Ashley. "M to be honest I just, I don't know. Everything happened so fast and none of this is was supposed to go down like this. It just got out of control." "Bro come one. You can't honestly expect me to believe that. I know what it is. You were AFRAID!" "AFRAID! What could I have possibly been afraid of" I said to her. Deep down inside, I knew what she was saying was true. I was afraid. "Afarid of the fact that you had fallin head over heels for Ashley within a year. Afraid because she was making you feel things that you have never felt with anyone else. Afaraid that deep down inside you didnt believe that she loved you, the way you loved her. All of those things is part of what caused it, but the problem that I have is that you have been secretly dating someone for 5 years and had Ashley on the side." "When Mel I and first got together everything was good. I thought okay I could marry this girl. It had already been prearranged anyways by our parents. But as time went on I realised she didn't move my heart. Then I met Ashley. That bright beautiful smile, the way she laughs, just everything about her brought on a different vibe. And the more I hung out with her the more I was falling in love with her. I didn't expect it to happen. So yes you're right. It scared me that she could make me feel all those things within a year and the person I have been with for 5 couldn't move me in any way. So, when I went to go call off the engagement, they leaked it to the press before I could do or say anything about it." Marricke' just looks at me in disbelief then she walks over to me an slaps me upside my head. "You're such an idiot. I mean really Simon. I was here the whole time. You could have said something. Anything. Ashley was so heartbroken, she pretty much hates you and doesn't even want to hear your name. So how are you going to fix this?" "Fix it? How am i going to fix it? She doesn't want to have anything to do with me." "Please don't make me slap you again. You need to talk to her. At least try and get her back and stop saying all that stupid shit that you don't mean." "Aight fine. I'll try and talk to her but I need your help. And speaking of talking to someone, what about you and Jay? Are you really gonna end it like this and stay with Dok2?" "I don't wanna talk about him right now. We're talking about you and Ashley. Not Jay and I." "Well if anything, he is probably talking to Ashley as we speak." "What do you mean talking to Ashley?" TO BE CONTINUED......
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