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Because why not? Alright, let's see what I got! (Yeah, I didn't look at my results before I started writing.)
So I'm hanging out with Sasha! Seems like a good time! As long as we don't get caught stealing all the food in a fifteen-foot radius, I'm good. Plus I've always wanted to learn archery, so maybe she could give me some pointers.
I'm dating the protagonist, I see... meaning Mikasa will either grill me or kill me, depending on your ship. (Hopefully it's not kill, I don't like getting my ass beat. ) Other than that little snafu, I'm okay with this arrangement.
WHOO-HOO! YES! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS HOPING FOR! Bring on the titans, I'm ready to roll!
Learning from Erwin... I should have no trouble killing anything with him teaching me. Picking his brain and channelling some of his intelligence will be fun too. (And the eye candy definitely helps.)
Sigh... I'm only human... born to make mistakes... (yeah, that song cue needed to happen ) I would have loved to be a Titan Shifter, but oh well. Alas, I have zero idea how to link to the original card on my cell. T_T But I sure can still tag @AimeBolanos