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EXO Kai, whose real name is Kim Jong-in, has been a very active and lively member of the South Korean group. However, the recent accident apparently pushed him to decide on what is the best for his health. It seems Kai has been injured more “seriously” than what the fandom has initially thought.
The unfortunate incident caused him to be partially indisposed on doing performances. SM entertainment relayed to fans the final verdict on the singer’s situation, according to Soompi. Accordingly, the news stated that the Korean superstar will not be fully performing for the remaining concerts of the group. SM wrote and thanked everyone for the unending support to the EXO Planet #3 concert.
Moreover, the label noted that EXO Kai suffered from an injured ankle caused by an accident. The singer will not be able to perform with the group on stage for the second week of their concert. SM then asked for the followers’ understanding and wished for Kai’s speedy recovery.
Despite rumors that he will be out of the group for real, the label assured the fans that he is just on leave to rest. The singer needed ample time to recover from the accident he had while performing. The label posted the said announcement through their official concert website on July 28.
Currently, EXO is in their second week of performance for their third concert titled EXO Planet #3. The group started holding the show at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on July 23. During the first day of the concert, Kai accidently hurt his ankle.
As for Kai, there is no broken bone, but the singer’s ligament was injured. he will likely be back onstage in the third week of the concert. Fans are hoping and sending him many encouragements so he can get well soon.
Meanwhile, International Business Times reported that Kai’s agency has not detailed how serious the injury is. Yet, he can still attend the concert. Recently, the 22-year-old singer appeared onstage to apologize to the fans.
EXO Kai, seated in a wheelchair, previously explained his situation and greeted the fans. His bandmates lightened up his mood. The leader of the group, Suho, threw off a positive message and asked everyone to stay strong, healthy and not hurt themselves.
Poor Kai. Now I really don't want to see any mean comments about SM, I know SM isn't the greatest company but Kai is on leave to rest and that's all there is to it. We all just have to hope Kai gets better soon! EXO Fighting!
annnddd that how it started when Tao left 😢😢😢 please don't leave kai!!!
Poor baby Kai plz get better soon I hope none of the other members suffer from any serious injuries in the future. I'm glad SM is giving him time to rest
My poor baby Kai 😭😭😭😭 Krystal not doing her job as a. girlfriend and watching over himmmm
Oof I was really worried that Kai was leaving!! I hope none of the other members get injured and stay healthy, and that Kai recovers quickly and doesn't injure himself again. EXO fighting!! 🙏
For those saying this is the same thing as Tao yes it is but Tao's father forced him out. There is a difference.
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