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Who is your number one anime waifu? Anime husband? Which do you prefer? Discuss!
My anime waifu is Rias Gremory.
My anime husband is Naegi Makoto. P.S. I couldn't find any good pictures of Naegi.
@SimplyAwkward I was speaking hypothetically.
@SimplyAwkward Yours was right.
@ComicGeek94 Tomoko is in many ways similar to me. We both want to be popular but we don't know how. We have few friends but we worry about how others see us. Despite this, we don't have the will to change ourselves, or in any lasting way at least. But the difference between me and her is she never gave up. She keeps trying over and over and over again. And it's inspiring. I see her fail and want to hold her, to hug her, to comfort her and tell her that even if no one else believes in her, I always will. I want her to be happy. She's a wonderful girl that has been fighting with the terrible hand fate has dealt her. She makes me a better person, she gives me hope. She might not seem beautiful to most... but when I look at her, I think she's breathtaking. I can't see myself not loving her. I want to make her laugh and smile, and I want her to laugh with me. To smile at me. I want to be with her. I want to hold and her let her now I'm with her, no matter what. I want to help her, no matter what she does, wholeheartedly.
@Imagide We can share her, or you can die.
is this picnic party supposed to be a food war with this post? because Rias is mine sorry
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