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So let's begin (σ≧▽≦)σ
my bestie!! Annie Great, Now that I have her close I can kill her quickly. (you shall pay for all the people you killed Annie.) (+_+)
My "Boyfriend" (He is not my boyfriend, Levi is) Well, at least he didn't die HA HA HA(¯∇ ̄|| )... sorry, too soon?
(whispers) Wings of Freedom (*-*) (screams) YAAAAAAASSS!!! I GONNA SEE LEVI!! AND DIE PROBABLY!!!
MY SENPAI!!!! No complains, he will someday finally notice me. (╥▽╥) Someday, Senpai will notice, me. Who am I kidding, for all I know he could be gay, but I still love him.
Human or TITAN??? Yesssssssss!! I don't have to call myself a human and being a Titan will totally make Senpai notice me (。・ω・。)
Thanks for reading and thanks to @AimeBolanos for this game really had fun!! Till next time!
@AimeBolanos I hope he will 😭😭 and thanks for the game!
Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed reading your card 😂😊 (Senpai will notice you someday!)