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Hey Guys!

So, before I go watch my drama or get some shut eye I just wanted to remind you to please please please support Monsta X during this comeback. Let's try harder to get them their first win!! That is why I decided to share some ways that you can help to achieve this.


There is currently voting going on for mwave and you can CLICK HERE to vote. You can vote by creating an account or by logging into your Facebook, Twitter, or Kakao. Oh yeah and the song is called 'Obsession On You' so don't get scared if you can't find 'Stuck'. It's the same song, but different name. MX is currently in 1st place, but we should never get too comfortable because this has happened before and out of no where we go down.

Music Video Info!

The music video should come out in like 7 hours or 10pm KST. Another form of voting is by streaming the music video, so please watch the music video on Starship Entertainment's YouTube channel. Important thing to know while streaming!! In order for the views to count you have to keep refreshing the page after each view because if you don't it won't count it. (There is a goal to try to get 1M in 24hrs; if we can't achieve it it's okay just don't give up :))

Well, I hope this helped out a little! Fighting Monbebe!! I believe we can get our boys their first win this time if we stick together!! What an awesome present that would be for them~ ^^

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@MonAnnahiX lol. I'm so hyped, I have to mentally prepare myself for this. 😄😆 we got this! we'll reach our goal this time and get our boys the recognition they deserve got their hard work.
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Yes! This girl is gonna Vroom Vroom right over to YouTube and get as many views as she can! Nobody better Trespass while I'm focused though. They'll need a Hero to save them from my wrath. Yep. I'm All In with them, and they're Stuck with me. Monbebe X Clan unite to bring a win!
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I'll be definitely do my part to get first place. ☺
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YASS @MandyNoona YASS!
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