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To accompany the release of the Nintendo 3DS game One Piece Unlimited World Red, Bandai Namco Games will be offering two One Piece 3DS XL designs: "Chopper Pink" and "Luffy Red." The game and the 3DS XLs will be available for pre-order on Thursday and will ship on November 21. In addition, Namco Bandai Games began streaming a second promotional video for the game on Wednesday. The game will allow for up to four players to play together, and players can explore the world of One Piece with their friends. In addition, players can play fishing, bug-catching, and treasure-hunting mini games with up to four players. Ganbarion is developing the "multi action-adventure" title. As a special offer with the first printing, players can download an extra costume for Luffy from One Piece: Strong World and a side-quest where Ace is a playable character.