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A new study shows that conservative media consumption decreases viewer trust in scientists, which in turn decreases belief that global warming is happening. In contrast, consumption of other media increases consumer trust in scientists and the belief that global warming is happening. The conservative media does this through five main methods: 1. Presenting mainstream scientists as biased 2. Shooting down peer-reviewed journals 3. Describing scientific institutions as politically liberal 4. Accusing scientists of lying 5. Characterizing science as a religion
It is very disappointing, especially cause its the most popular news network
@curtisb and also: I just have difficulties to believe, how something like this on such a large scale is a normal part of the american news circle, there is no equivalent to fox news in german tv and I don't think something like this would be tolerated from the public. I feel very shocked and disappointed to be honest :(
@curtisb I am not saying they are not allowed to, I just felt like expressing my frustration, I mean you posted this to display fox news' opinion towards global warning and the way they react does seem very extreme to me. I don't think I can have a neutral opinion to this. ah and also sorry for the weird sentence structure of the last sentence :/
its their right to spread lies and propaganda.
@curtisb yeah the punish the people part is, I'll take that back, but I just don't understand how something like this is possible. Freedom of speech, sure, but this is a major news source for a lot of people apparently. As a new source have so much responsibility, yet they are spreading lies and propaganda if you will. This makes me feel so frustrated.
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