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안녕하세요 친구!! Welcome lovely Melodies to another POV Insiders with none other than Peniel Bae BTOB Mod Supporter: 이솔다. Yay!!! Also I would like to say 미안해요 (sorry) for not uploading, I just kept hitting obstacles in lifeu & if you saw my rant card there was that. -_- AND.......KCON LA was last week so that was lots of travelling for me (PR-->LA-->CA) but it all tied in beautifully with today's POV Insiders.


Vlog #5: Zepp Tour

26 February 2016 Watch the vlog along with me as I recap our lovely Peniel Bae Zepp Tour in Japan.
The Zepp Tour...really short recap actually lol. So our lovely boys were on vacation before this tour but needed to learn the choreography for their Japanese title song. So the boys had to take a few days from their personal vacation before flying out to Japan to learn the choreo (ugh...don't you just hate last minute choreo lol). Ahh, the boys flew business...아주 Niceu! lol *Have you ever flown business? Anywho, the tour was a totally of 5 days, 4 cities with a set of 22 songs. *Do you think that's a big or small set to do? The picture above shows the 4 cities (in Japan) in which they held their tours: =Nagoya =Tokyo =Fukuoka =Osaka That was a lot of land to cover don't you think? Well our lovely Peniel Bae thought that the packing & unpacking of toiletries is/was the worst part of the travel. *Do you travel? What's the worst part of it for you? +-->For me is showing up to the hotel just to be told that check in isn't until 3pm ughhh...and the packing of the last day.
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@LemonLassie lol frogs!
I haven't seen this one! I love his vlogs or frogs heehee