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I love this song, makes me wanna dance!!! Some of lyrics: Tonight Take me to the other side Sparks fly like the Fourth of July Just take me to the other side I see that sexy look in your eyes And I know we ain’t friends anymore If we walk down this road We’ll be lovers for sure So tonight kiss me like it’s do or die And take me to the other side
I got to see Jason perform last year. He's really talented! I personally like this song better than Talk Dirty
@peteryang292 ohh really, wow im super jelly and yes, he is very im curious, why do you prefer this song over Talk Dirty?
@nokcha sorry for the late reply, sometimes my notifications dont always come thru...AND...YES, i love that song, ill upload to share (*_*)
What do you think of his song, Talk Dirty To Me? I just heard it recently and the beat is good!