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This one shot is a request from @GamerKyumin and she requested Cho Kyuhyun so I now declare your request accepted! I hope you enjoy this next oneshot with this evil maknae!
Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
It was 10:30 at night and you were fast asleep in your bedroom. You suddenly hear thunder and you also hear the haunted house next door cracking, almost falling apart. You get up, slip on your clogs, and pull out your long sweater as you put it on and walked downstairs and outside in the rain towards the old, collapsing haunted house. As you walk in, you are greeted with the blow of the wind as you see leaves moving across the hallway. You walk into the house, curious as to what you might find, until hanging fake spiders fall over you as you open the next door into the kitchen. You startle as you shake your hands above your head to get the fake spiders off of you. You continue to move through the kitchen until you see a ghost appear in the far corner. You jump back away from the ghost letting out a short shriek. You then go up the stairs to find an empty room at the end of the hall. You walk into the room and close the door behind you only to then have a black cotton sack being shoved over your head by a strange man. You scream and try to run away but he held on to your head and he dragged you into the room next door. There was a bed in that room as he held you by the waist and pulled you into the room and laid you down on the bed and tied your hands on the back of the bed frame as he took off his scarf revealing his face, a face you were very familiar with, Cho Kyuhyun. He had evil intentions to infect you with his actions, as he pulled off the black cloth bag off you and he chucked to himself as he leaned in and kissed your lips and took your clothes off at the same time, making sure that you don't escape as he took off your sweater, then your pj top, and finally, your bra. He then kissed you again and pulled off your pj bottoms, then he slipped off your panties and groped your butt. He then moved his head down to your buns as he licked between your outer buns and in between your inner buns. He licked all around your buns and all over both sets of buns licking all over and licking all of your wetness until you were completely dry. Then he poked his tongue up your hole as he consumed every last drop of your leakage. He poked his tongue all the way up inside your hole and licked all over your insides until they were dry. You moaned and sighed the whole time he ate you out. Once you were all dry, he kissed your neck and took his shirt off and he then moved his lips from your neck to your boobs. He licked your nipples and twirled his tongue around both sides as he undid his pants, pushed them off and continued to work his mouth over your boobs. He then moved to the other side of you and he kissed your neck until he lost his underwear to your feet as you pushed them off with your feet. He then stopped, looked at you, and then kissed your lips and began to move his crotch on your buns until he shoved his dick up your hole and you sank into the mattress and you breathed heavily as you tried to catch your breath but you couldn't because his lips were over yours completely and he got a taste of your breath, which only made him want you more, so he continued to kiss you as he pulled himself closer to you and he made you lose your virginity to him. You both kept making love to eachother until you both ran out of breath. After the both of you caught your breaths, he undid your wrists, letting them free and you grabbed your pjs, and underwear and put your sweater and shoes on as you walked quickly out of the old house back to your place and you went upstairs to your room, took off your sweater, threw on a nightgown, got in your bed and tried to put yourself back to sleep.
@GamerKyumin you're welcome!
I'm speechless (/.\) Thank you ^^