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Lee Seung Gi said that he wanted to get married before 35. Lee Seung-gi was interviewed in the SBS TV program "TV News At Night" on the 7th. Lee Seung-gi was asked if he had a girlfriend and he said he didn't. He said, "I keep changing my ideal types. I used to like pretty women but now I wish they were mature on the inside as well. I am expecting more". About marriage he said, "I thought 35 was a good age but now I don't think it's that bad to get married before that". Suzy had once starred in "Healing Camp" and not chosen him as her ideal type and he said, "I think that's because I only treated her once. I should have treated her to dinner twice". Netizens say, "He's honest", "I hope you meet the one for you" and more. suzyyy unnie yyyy :/ but don't take it 2 ur heart oppa girls r rather complicated but don't worry and smile bcs u r def my ideal type actually i am a really picky person hehe i am embarrassed and i don't pick everyone as my ideal but u r special and def my ideal type i love u oppa and i pray that u find dat special someone soon may she love u and cherish u soooo much ameen i love u oppa :) <3 credit 2 gu family book @facebook .
he is so handsome and have a lovely baby face
I love him ib Gu Family Book esp!!! ♡♡
@christy i knw i am asian 2 but not from dat part of asia the respect is thr but not that much for women yeah but they respect everyone they r totally special:) <3
@saharjalpari9 yeah they always make like full of flowers and good things just when u find ur love match.but they real have a kind heart and alwsys their tear v.close. but to be respectable they have a subject for primairy students names manners. all east of asia. not only korea so they r spicial
@christy also i think i get what u mean the love stories the romance it just might not be as perfect as they show it hehe :) but they r just great role models for us :)
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