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안녕하세요 친구!

It's your SVT moderator here....all I have to say is that after I was positively sure of my 4 biases going down to of the members did this...

*Caution...wet floor*

I'm dead.... feels are everywhere so please watch where you're stepping. >ㅠ_ㅠ< I'm sorry for my fellow 1004 Stans...but when was this how!?!?!

Cute Jeonghan


Flabbergasted, hot Jeonghan!


I was oh soooooo close to picking my 2 biases....omo. Back to the drawing board.
Love this young man. He is adorable and sexy. 💜💙💚
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when did this happen...he isn't allowed to act all adulty yet....stay cute. stop it.
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wow! what a haircut can do to a guy. he was gorgeous already. what better then gorgeous because He's that now. ☺
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Dude I'm a changed woman after Dark Seventeen. Like. There's no going back for me.
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OoO oh my…WOW…NOOOO mi corazón! X_X (shocked)
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