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Chapter Six

Awkward. That is the perfect word to describe my first day of detention. Jaebum and I were the only students in a room full of empty desks and he had to sit right behind me. For two hours! But what's done, is done, right? Now I'm headed to my part time job. Which if my parents knew about this job they would have my head on a silver platter. I was not suppose to get a job until after finishing school. Which then after I was either suppose to take over my mother's law firm or I was suppose to follow my father's route and become CEO of his multi-million hotel business. Neither of those options tickled my fancy. I know I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I wanted to earn my own money and be able to buy things for myself with the money I earned. But unfortunately with the way things are going, it looks like my life and future have already been planned out for me. I make it to a cute little diner about three blocks from my school. I'm warmly greeted by the owner, who also happens to be my boss. "Is that my dear sweet Areum?" A kind elderly woman says from behind the counter. "Yes Mrs. Fey, sorry I'm late. I had to do something after school for a couple of hours." I reply. "Oh that's fine, those things can't be helped dear, I'm just happy you got here safely." She says with a warm smile as she gives me a hug. I walk to the back of the diner where my work locker is. I pull out my uniform and go into the employee restroom to change. No, working at a diner was not my first choice of employment, but when Mrs. Fey said she was hiring and needed some help around the diner I couldn't refuse. About three years ago my sister and I had stumbled across this diner on our way home from school. It was our favorite place to eat and hang out. Even when my sister had been found dead last year I still found myself coming to this diner. My parents had hired some of the best therapists and psychiatrists to help me with my grieving. But I found my greatest comfort here, with Mrs. Fey and her words of comfort. She reminded me so much of my grandmother. *Ding* "Order up." I get snapped back to reality. I grabbed the order and headed over to the customer's table to deliver it. I got to the table, read off the order, and then looked at the customer. Mark. "Here you go," I put his food down in front of him, "Is there anything else I can get for you?" I say with a poker face. "Areum, are you okay? You didn't get hurt anywhere today right?" He asked. "I...I have to get back to work Mark." As I begin to walk away I feel Mark's hand wrap around my wrist and pull sharply. I land right beside him in the booth he is sitting at. "What do you want? I am trying to work." I say to Mark as I free my wrist from his hand. I stand up, and face him. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. And... I wanted to give this to you," He stood up and handed me an envelope with my name on it, "But... don't open it yet." He insisted. "Sure," I folded the envelope and put it in my back pocket. "So... can I get a to go box...?" Mark asked. "I just brought you your food, you haven't eaten any of it and you are already asking for a to go box?" I ask him. Mark looks down at his food and then back at me. "Yeah, if I stay here and eat... I might not be able to leave you alone." he says with a small smile on his face. "Umm," I look at him with a confused look on my face, "I'll go get you a to go box then." I head in the back and grab him a box and I foam cup to put his drink in. As I walk back to Mark's table I notice he is already up at the register paying for his food. I guess he really is leaving. After work I arrive home to an empty house, which to me is nothing unusual. Unpack my backpack and start on my writing homework. Why did I have to be paired up with Jaebum and Mark for this poetry project. I let out a breath of frustration and begin. Just as I am about to put pencil to paper my phone gets a text message. [Hey] An unknown number... I ignore it and try to begin on the poem again. [Hello, are you there?] [Stop ignoring me] [Areum seriously, I need you to text me back] This person knows who I am? I stare at my phone screen and after a few seconds I decide to reply. {Who is this?} [Seriously, you don't have my number? What kind of ATM doesn't have there with-drawers phone number?] Jaebum. {How did you get this number? And what do you want?} [I have my ways. And the thing that I want? Well that would be you my dear Areum.] [I need you to come outside so I can get a withdraw. That shouldn't be a problem right? I mean you are my 24/7 ATM after all.] No way, he's asking me for money, wait... he couldn't know where I live too... *Knock Knock* Crap. I make my way downstairs to my front door and find Jaebum leaning in the doorway. "Took you long enough. Oh and you might want to remember to lock your door before some crazy person tries coming into your house without permission." He says. "Too late," I mumble under my breathe. As Jaebum makes his way into the house I smell the scent of hard liquor coming from him. I look at Jaebum more closely, he's stumbling a little as he walks. "Jaebum how much have you been drinking?" I ask him. "Not enough, why do you think I'm here? I need more money so I can get some more to drink." He says with a bit of a slur this time. He coughs to try and cover up his slurring. "No way! I am not giving money so you can get even more wasted! Get out of my house right now!" I begin to yell. "I'm not leaving until I get money from my ATM." "Well, then you can explain that to the police." I head into the living room to call the police. As I pick up the wireless phone Jaebum grabs my wrist and spins me around knocking the phone out of my hand. Next thing I know my back is against the wall and Jaebum is holding me in place. "Jaebum please let me go." I try to say as calmly as possible. "Why do you always call me Jaebum? Why not JB?" He asks looking right into my eyes. "And stop becoming cute, It makes me feel weird inside." He says as he starts to lean in closer. My heart feels like it is bouncing out of my chest. Since when did JB have this effect on me? Areum get ahold of yourself, you don't fall for bad boys... especially bad boys with girlfriends. Lost in thought I come back to reality when I feel his lips suddenly touch mine...

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