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Everything about this is just so nice! and it's so amazing. I have literally already replayed it as many times as possible since its come out. I just love this, no words can explain how much I love this. lol and they all look so damn attractive in all black. Jesus help me. lol hope you guys watch and and enjoy it as much as I did. LETS GET OUR BOYS THEIR 1 MILLION VIEWS IN 24HRS.
@xxchicharitoxx don't remind me about jooheon because my bias wrecker keeps changing as it is and I don't want jooheon to go there anymore. Lol Oh yes a warning would be nice!! πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜…
@MonAnnahiX jooheon is just drop dead amazing. lol everyone of them did a fantastic job with this video though. πŸ‘πŸ˜† it should be! it's not okay to keep getting more and more handsome. we need a warning. lol
Ah! @xxchicharitoxx yes!! Jooheon definitely slayed everyone. πŸ˜… That's what I was thinking everyone keeps getting attractive! That should be a crime!! Lol
@MonAnnahiX YES JOOHEONS FAST RAPPING. I seriously died every time he would say his name before the beat would drop. πŸ˜† the dance was so intense. and seriously is it just me but they seriously get more and more attractive every comeback. 😍
:D Dude they be killing me every time I replay the video. Especially during that fast foot work transition and the leg ripple.. aaah and when Jooheon and I.M meet!! Jooheon's fast rapping though! aaaaaah I'm not okayy.