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"Good bye","I had enough","I don't love you anymore","I'm tired", "I'm falling out of love" are few statements heard or said that pushes you to let go. When you love someone who doesn't love you anymore or if you choose to let go of someone who can never love you back may be the most hardest things you can do when you believe you have too much love to give. How can you start to let go? How can you start a new life? How can you at one instant turn your back on someone so important to you? The answer is simple- when you want things to change; when staying hurts. Let's name him "Matthew". He's kind and a sweet son to his parents. He's smart and hardworking. He's respectful and responsible. When I felt that this man could make me fall inlove, I immediately decided to have some space for myself. I knew in my heart that he was not the one God wants for me. Even if there was some kind of attraction on his part, I was still too afraid to risk. I said to myself that if this man is for me, he will pursue me, but if not he will let me have my space. The statement he gave that alarmed me was this- "Entertain others because I am afraid to hurt you. I cannot promise you anything. You can wait and risk." And there it was- I felt embarrassed of myself to hear that from a man. I decided to avoid him. Without having second thoughts, it was the right thing to do. A woman should never chase or beg or wait for a man's love. It is simply not a woman's duty to pursue a man. It is through God's grace that a man will be lead to you. It is through Him that we will be blessed with a partner that can give us TRUE LOVE. Even at 27, I promised myself that I will not entertain a man whose only goal is to have a relationship with me. For me it is useless to invest time and feelings when it won't end in marriage. I said to myself "Lord, the next man I will love is the man I will marry." If you are finding it hard to let go, ask yourself "will staying help you?" , "will staying make things better?","will staying give a permanent change?" Letting go is hard but if it will only lead to self destruction and affect your self-respect, it is better to undergo a hardship(letting go) that can help you...than a hardship(staying) that will continue to destroy you. Trusting God is important. I will be honest in saying that my faith shakes sometimes especially at hard times ,but I continue to seek Him. I still struggle because changing is difficult. I just know He is alive- one thing that gives me hope that things will be better. It is only through God that impossible things become possible. It is only through God that we can be healed. I want change, I want PERMANENT change so I am letting go. Hard but I have to. Over and over again, I say to myself "God does not want me to chase, He wants me to wait." So let's see and wait... β™‘ I'm excited.. You should be too. Imagine what God has for us in the future. Let's continue to pray for it and He will surely bless us.
girls should also dare to reject something.
Is your heart full of Love or are you looking to fill your heart with love? ? ? If you knew it wasn't meant to be then why did you start it? ? ? It is possible to Love without being physically intimate. Sex complicates! Start in the shallow end and gradually swim to the deep end. It's safer that way. You are so gentle an sweet. . . but I'm not happy you had to give a name 😟 . . . Love is forgiving and not bitter. We All Love You 😘
@AdeSimon it's not his real name Simone. 😊 I forgive him.. yes yes yes. surely, there will be no sex. he is miles away from me. just friends. Well, to answer your question, i like him so ..um... (i know you're going to say "i told you so! πŸ˜…) but now we're just friends. He messaged me this morning. I love you too my friend. 😊
Good. Always swim from the shallow end to the deep end. Another way to say it is Walk before you Run . . . Friends before Lovers. Get It πŸ‘Œ
#Edifying..i heard a sermon similar to this yesterday. thanks for sharing😊.