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Don't mind that first picture, I just find it entertaining. So yes, I play the games once more. Tagged by @OtakuDemon10 Game setup by @AimeBolanos
My Lover: Mikasa Ackerman. Well aren't I a lucky one? Mikasa is awesome, and beautiful. Unless, plot twist, it's actually Eren, because his name is mentioned. Or maybe I'm Eren? (She's mine now, Eren)
My best friend: Conny Springer. I recognized him, but had to look up his name. If I recall, I think I was pretty okay with this guy. I could accept having him as a friend.
My Regiment: The Scouting Legion. Will I survive? With Mikasa as a lover, probably! She would have my back. On another note, I'd like to think I could gain a bit of protagonist status, giving me the strength to fight and survive anyway. Otherwise, GG.
My Sensei: Commander Erwin. No complaints. This guy is a great leader. I'm sure I would be taught well.
Human or Titan: Skilled Human. I say skilled because Mikasa is quite skilled, and there was more than one option for the humans. The result being Mikasa specifically, I assume I am a human with skills. Works for me!
Here's a meme for you all. Anyway, this was fun! Feel free to play the game as well! I'm rather happy with my results. Thanks for reading! Tacking on some names ↓↓↓ @OtakuDemon10 @P1B2Bear @SimplyAwkward @Tayhar18920
Thanks for playing the game!
@AimeBolanos Twas fun.