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yeahhhhhhhh!! that's my jam!! literally!

I had the privilege to hear and watch them perform this song earlier in the concert along with tons Babyz, so I already knew what to expect from the song. I freaking loveeee it!!! the video is fun and vibrant which is a turn down for a lot of older B.A.P fans... Honestly tho, I love anything they do and hope that everyone still supports them.
I'm going crazy!!! guys don't forget to vote, buy the album, download the song.. let's help them win!
also there are many bad comments from armys on youtube.. as a warning, i engaged when someone said ; that guy with the orange hair looks like jin; ... yes i engaged... i had to say something! thats my bias ! get outa here! but please don't be like me lol they are trying to distract us. (also note not all armys are the same)
alright guys! enjoy!!! I'm in love with this summer jam!
Honestly. . that's my jam!! do you guys love it as much as I do? i will post a video by tomorrow of everything that went down at B.A.Ps final concert. also if you'd like to be tagged let me know because I erased the old list completely
I've been a Baby since One Shot and love any music that they release. I love seeing their progression and change in style. Yes I like the dark older concepts but I also like these new upbeat songs also personally I think they fit better with their personality better. As for armies I try to ignore them (not all ARMY are like this) but if they keep on I'm going to explode. You don't see Babyz going around doing things like this. BAP and Babyz didn't do anything to you guys so just leave them alone.
I fckin love this
@Miichi I completely understand. I've seen a lot of negative comments about their change and complaints about another 'cute' concept from them. I'm just saying that though I personally prefer darker concepts myself (a weird contrast to my happy personality. Haha), as a fan I support them broadening their repertoire in such a way 1000%. As a musician/producer myself, I understand the importance of breaking beyond one's comfort zone and expanding yourself like they are doing. I kind of feel like it would be wrong to call myself a fan yet expect them to keep themselves contained in a box of concepts they've already done simply because that's my preference. Not to mention, I have thoroughly enjoyed their new music and concepts. I may or may not be a bit Dae biased and he absolutely glows in the happier concepts... 馃檴
Though I'm an older fan and First Sensibility will probably always be my favourite album, I am so flipping proud of these boys and the musical (as well as personal) growth they are displaying. It's so fun to watch them experiment with new concepts and prove time and time again how talented they are. This is seriously my new jam <3
@JenniCinneman i only felt like saying it sadly because people are complaining about it on youtube about how much they miss the old b.a.p like??? what the heck??? people change, last song we got was not dark either! 馃槬 plus i support all they do and this is my jam! 馃槈