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Tbh she deserves more than Subaru. I feel like his love towards Emilia become more of a toxic obsession which was made pretty apparent in my view. At least he decided to stay loyal to Emilia and knows where he stands on that issue. And it's sad because I can see why Rem has fallen for Subaru. I just wish someone would steal her heart away because she's just well intentioned and truly cares. It's rare to see that in the real world so really feels for her like I said.
@HenryStill Yeah, its hard watching her like that >-<, but we can only sit and watch and hope for the best for Rem in the future ep
@TakamiRen she really is. Considering the circumstances she's so much more understanding than Emilia. Like she knows Subaru can't explain his actions but she knows its beyond his control
@HenryStill Ikr, I feel so sad everytime I see Rem like that, I think she deserves someone who will care for her and protect her. Honestly why couldn't it be Subura and Rem, I mean she is so adorable and she cares for others dearly so why does she have to go through this pain *cries* The feels are real, like I get that Subaru likes Emilia but like isn't Rem nicer and all *sighs*
@HenryStill IKR! Subaru should just be with Rem already
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