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Sakura Haruno from Naruto

The beloved female ninja of Team 7, Sakura Haruno goes through the journey of love, loss and pain along with her friends to become a better ninja and a person. She trades in her long pink hair for a shorter style as the series goes on.

Morgiana聽from聽Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

The protagonist of the magi series and a former of Jamal, she eventually joins Alibaba's company and soon develops feelings for her, all the while trying to maintain her tough demeanor.

Louise Fran莽oise Le Blanc de La Valli猫re from Zero no Tsukaima

The adorable, yet feisty protagonist of the show is not so affectionately nicknamed 'Zero Louise' by her peers for her poor magic skills. And her luck only gets worse as she slowly falls in love with the familiar that she summons. This pink-haired tsundere is not as soft and fluffy as she looks!

Kofuku "Ebisu" from Noragami

Being a Goddess of Poverty is not an easy job and often ends up getting you scorned by people. It's hard to dislike Kofuku's sweet and bubbly personality though!

聽Jibril聽from聽No Game No Life

Jibril is the youngest of the Flugel race, the 6th most powerful of the 16 sentient races of Disboard. This pink haired beauty is a lot older than she looks!
My favorite pink hair girl is definitely Yuno Gasai. My cute little yandere waifu.
@MissHitachiin princess perona was on my list :p I will do a part two of this
Omg and Moka from Rosario + Vampire you can't forget her :o
I'm joking I'm joking but I am surprised Louise is up there. I haven't met many people who like her
As much as I love Morgiana, Yuno Gasai will always be my favorite pinky
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