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Chapter 2

The Encounter

She didn't realized she wasn't saying anything until Mrs Lee called her first name. "Jade?" "Hello?" "Are you okay?" Mrs Lee asked with a worried look in her face. "Yes" She mumbled. "I'm fine" "Like I said, this is Jeon Jung Kook, he will be helping us starting today" Jung Kook smiled a little before replying "Hello, Kurim, it's been a while." "Yes, it's been a ass!" She thought. "Uh?" Mrs Lee questioned. Jung Kook smiled and turned to Mrs Lee "we went to school together for a little while, back in the States." "I have to say of all the people I ever thought of meeting here in Korea, you were the last one" he looked at her puzzled. "Well, right back at ya, buddy!" She thought but finally said, "I'm sorry, I don't really remember you." Jung Kook's smile finally left his lips.
Mrs Lee have never been this confused on her life. So finally she said, "okay, so you guys know each other? But you don't know each other?" They were both staring at each other without saying anything. Mrs Lee knew it would be better not to shake the boat. She would let them solve whatever problem they had with each other. Finally, she took her purse and said "well, Kurim, why don't you show Jung Kook around while I'm going to get some supplies." "Be nice to each other!" She exclaimed on her way out. "So you don't remember me?" Jung Kook said, rather disappointed. "of course I remember you!" "I don't know why I just can't say it" she thought. "I'm sorry, you look kinda familiar but I just can't quite place you" she said. "Well, I remember you." "It's not easy to forget the woman who had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen" he smiled shyly looking at the floor.
"Well, yeah, that's what most people like about me" She said blushing. She turned around and said, "Anyway, why don't I show you around, and reminisce about the past later?" "Okay, Cream" Jung Kook replied to see what her reaction would be. As expected, he saw a little change on her demeanor and smiled. "So she does remember me" he mused.
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