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This list is part of a challenge (whcih I will put at the end) and I will be stating my favorite 5 kpop rappers. **Warning for profanity

#5 - Jay Park

29 / April 25 / Taurus Previously of 2pm and now CEO of AOMG Personally I appreciate his independence and talent. Jay Park is from Seattle, WA and was a b-boy dancer with his group Art of Movement. After moving to Korea in January of 2005, he trained and became an idol with the group 2pm in 2008 under JYP. Now he owns his own label with fellow rapper Simon Dominic. He reminds me a lot of Eminem.

#4 - Zelo

19 / October 15 / Libra Of B.A.P Zelo's way with words is well known among BABYs but I think he is underrated in the Kpop world. He can spit words that others would find to be tongue twisters. I added a video of "Warrior" by B.A.P where his rap is electric.

#3 - Rap Monster

21 / September 12 / Virgo Of BTS Please watch this video if you haven't seen it! Video is by KSTYLE TV. Along side fellow groupmate and rapper Suga, these two make BTS's lyrics sensational. Rap Monster has the perfect attitude and personality that young people need to look up to these days. In his song "Do You" (which I added), he speaks of not being what everyone wants you to be. Don't be a cookie cutter and "Do You".

#2 - Suga

23 / March 9 / Pisces Of BTS As Suga's biggest fanboy, I could go on all day about him, but I'll keep it short. Suga's wordsmithing is art. His writing is full of emotion and you can hear it in every song. You can feel his passion. His personal flow is mesmerizing and you don't have to speak his language to know how he feels when he's rapping.

#1 - Zico

23 / September 14 / Virgo Of Block B Zico is my #1 rapper just for his flow, stage presence, personality, and over all look. He takes over the stage and his flow make you want to move or rap along with him. (Too bad I can't pronounce anything right in Korean.) If you don't see why, watch the video I added. "Veni Vidi Vici" is one of my favorites of his.
Yes Zico, I feel your pain... **Challenge by @keytomyheartiskibum on Tumblr *All pictures are property of their respective owners
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