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Loose Wieght!! (:
that is so true!!! determination is the key!!!! very nice quote :D
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I think this is the first step of going towards a healthy lifestyle. However, it is so hard to get into that mentality of "I will" !! Nice quote @KristinaV I really like these kinds of quotes, they always make me get up in the morning and actually get up there and start exercising!
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@roselee89 Thanks! And Actually Last Year I Lost 30 Pounds in Two Months By Just Running everynight nonstop and eating Less carbs and so (: So Yeah really a good quote.
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@KristinaV That is so inspiring. I usually have a really hard time waking up in the morning and actually getting my self to work out. It's amazing that you got to reach that goal. Do you have any more inspirational quotes? I feel like I could use a lot of movitation and inspiration right now.
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@roselee89 Actually i don't workout in the morning, it's at night lol. But I do have a couple i will post them up for you if you want (:
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