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Halloween is coming up and if you're just excited as i am then you know it's just around the corner. I've been struggling on what to be this year (last year i was the puppet from fnaf) My brother whats to go trick or treating so he as an excuse to play Pokemon Go all night. That sounded a great idea, until i figured out He's team INSTINCT! I'm team Valor even worse my boyfriend choose Mystic. After hitting them aside the head, I drew oit some designs for our costumes. Juan will catch pokemon, I'll take over gyms and my boyfriend will be the opposite of sophisticated....
What team did are YOU on! and what team do you think is better at what and why?
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I'm team Valor, so is my mom. Before my mom joined Pokemon I was the only team Valor, I joined first and reached the level to join a gym so I joined team Valor. My brother picked team mystic, and got in trouble for it because I was left out. My mom and her friend joined team Valor.