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Hey Guys! I'm Nour.. It's my first time publishing a card here, so I'm not really good at this (my apologies) I've drawn this to a friend of what do you guys think. I hope we can get along well
@Aquatear good luck, and have fun while you drow.
@HamadiKhaled thank you so much 🙈 I know the teeth suck but I'll be working on improving them..Thanks again ^^
@Aquatear your painting is great omg you sure are talented, if you accept one remrak, you need more work on the teeth, they look seperated from the drawing because they didn't reach the level of the drawing.
@OtakuDemon10 Thank you so much😁 I've only been checking other cards for a long while now....and thanks for the support 🙌
Hi! Your drawing is great! And don't be shy about posting cards or anything; in sure you'll get the hang of it quickly!😉 Not sure how long you've been around, but welcome!
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