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This is me talking to myself before entering a party... After reaching the party, and the reality of the situation hasn't sunk in yet:
This is the point where I begin to realize the gravity of the situation:
Suddenly, someone (a girl usually) waves in my direction, and I wave back, and in that painful moment, I realize, that she was waving at someone else...
This is the point where I start praying for a magical power to infest in me, so that I can make myself disappear...
Now I'm so afraid that I can't even eat or drink anything (I'm usually a champ at gobbling things down at home)
So, I find someone who I know (you really thought I would be THAT stupid to go to a scary thing like a social gathering ALL BY MYSELF??), and make my quiet exit
And finally the happy moment after reaching home, feeling like winning a major battle and avoiding any disaster...
Ahhh... life is so... oh well... there's always another day... Moral of the story: People who say what' the big deal in talking to people, having fun at party, they don't realize how tough it is for us. It's not like we don't like or want to socialize, to feel included. It's just that, what comes so naturally to most people, we have to make a lot of effort to do it. Next time you see a socially awkward/ shy person, don't show him/ her your pity or leave that person to make first move. Do not put him/her into a spotlight. Just talk normally and let that person handle the rest. You don't need to go out of your way. Rest is up to that person :)
This is me at any social gathering too 😫.
I love this! It's really hard to have a lot of self-confidence in super big groups like that, so I understand. (Also the waving thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. People are always waving or talking to someone behind me, and I almost always think it's to me!)