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Oh I think it did fall for you. ^^ credits to real foto owner
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everytin falls for u oppa even men and women
I would luv to see LMH in person...but I would remain a respectful distance...I was very upset at how the fans treated him at LAX...he looked tired and scared...wouldn't u be???? please treat him with respect and love...just like u would your loved ones :)
@deniselance773 agree but wouln't u wann get close 2 ur love ones thgh lols :-P
@deniselance i agree w u but i don't think fans wr being disrespectful think abt it hun if oppa didn't get the loving response from his fans don't u think oppa wd be dissapointed fans overreacted but if they didn't oppa wd be disappointed fans excitement is the way of shwing thr love i think oppa understands dat so don't blame the fans hun :) <3