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FT Game Results
So here they are!
Girlfriends (phone was trippy and wouldn't alert of screenshotting so I got multiple. [Y'all can choose one for me I guess.]) 1) Wendy 2) Levi 3) Juvia 4) Erza P.S. a win no matter which one!
After restarting to fix this problem, I got one of each. My guild is Sabertooth!
My magical ability is card magic!
My best friend is Cana!
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she is my daughter
a year ago·Reply
@JustinMarvell I promise to treat her well, sir. But, and I mean this with all due respect, it's her life and her choice.
a year ago·Reply
she already dateing romeo and she 13 how old are you
a year ago·Reply
@JustinMarvell She's dating me and Romeo? Wow! Good for her, we're both catches! As is she!
a year ago·Reply