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I've been waiting forever for this day to happen!! There is seriously no way that Fencing Man isn't Kookie. Any army can tell just from the first word that he sang that it's Kookie.
Here are some other videos that I found. I guarantee you that he was doing that meme face behind the mask lol. Btw, this is from episode 71 in case anyone wants to watch it when it's subbed or if you want to watch it raw or whatever.
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This is so beautiful😍 This better be him or I'm going to cri because I thought I knew but I didn't😢 But I wanna know who the girl is, get voice is pretty
doubted myself before watching the second video...I'm so certain this is him there's no way is not😂
@VIPFreak2NE1 If it turns out that it's not Jungkook then I give up on kpop lol. There's no way it isn't him though. The girl is Lady Jane
@JustinaNguyen Right? lol and Lady Jane is such a cool name 😅