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(18+) What made you even think this was okay to freakin send them that?? Now I don't have a twitter so idk if it's still blocked in the U.S but SERIOUSLY THIS IS EMBARRASSING TO ALL THE U.S ARMYS OUT THERE. THIS FANDOM HAS BEEN OUT OF CONTROL LATELY ,SERIOUSLY! [Article on Allkpop] ~Namjoonie
Am I the only one that finds this extremely hilarious that not only the girl didn't have enough common sense and post herself masterbating nationwide. But she's threatening to do it a second time. No one wants to see that shit, and it'd going to screw her in the future when applying to jobs and seeing that in her history
and she threatened to do another one of they keep bashing her
Just cry #prayfortheworld
@HaleyHerbig yep, karma's gonna be a major bitch to her when she is going to apply for college or jobs
the article is misleading it's not just BTS it's other celebs as well
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