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(18+) What made you even think this was okay to freakin send them that?? Now I don't have a twitter so idk if it's still blocked in the U.S but SERIOUSLY THIS IS EMBARRASSING TO ALL THE U.S ARMYS OUT THERE. THIS FANDOM HAS BEEN OUT OF CONTROL LATELY ,SERIOUSLY! [Article on Allkpop] ~Namjoonie
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wtf rn? c everyone this is y we can't have anything anymore. this is just sad 馃槯馃槯馃槯
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should find this person and beat her ass in honor of SUGA. P.S. Suga we are so sorry, that ur beautiful eyes had to c something SO HORRIFYING. #GETWELLSOONSUGA.
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I can still see their stuff so I don't think that's true but idk
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@ElisabethGraceG they did deactivate on Sunday for a while and then put it back up. I got notification when they deactivated and reactivated it
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