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okay Hi! as I was waiting for sarah to post I thought I'm going to do a little bonus part it takes place after they get back to Korea and Jenni gets to watch the B.A.P V live concert (cause yes I stayed up all night watching that and loved it to death) so today I made a little part about it. so while waiting for sarah I'll share this with you all. because sadly she ran out of crazy for a couple days, I know hard to believe but it happens, happened to me at one point too. okay I done!
"Its on Sarah sarah it's on!" Jenni was jumping up and down, since she had gotten back home she was anticipating B.A.P concert on V live since she couldn't make it there, even if it was here in Seoul.  it started a little before 3 pm.
"What is? Oh bap?" Thats today isn't it?" She questioned.
"Yup, they are doing their last concert of the tour and revealing their new song that's my jam" jenni said finding a comfortable spot on the couch.  "You want to watch with me?" She asked.
"You know I don't follow them right?" Sarah questioned
"I know but I've made you listen to them multiple times now. " jenni shrugged just as they came on
"Alright sure why not " she said taking a seat next to her. A half hour into it Jenni was bouncing up and down and singing along. Sarah phone rang blaring bts just as Jenni's phone started play bts as well.
"Kooki calling" sarah said looking at the screen.
Jenni debated, answer the phone to her boyfriend or continue watching B.A.P concert 
"Joonie calling you" sarah said as she answered her phone getting up off the  couch.
" I know but I'm busy" jenni whined even as she was still super happy. Sarah just laughed.

"Your going to make your boyfriend sad" sarah told her "No Kooki I'm not going to make you sad, Jenni is going to make Namjoon sad since she's ignoring his call" sarah said.
"Is she mad at him?" Kooki questioned sarah making her laugh.
"No she's watching her baby Dae" she said. 
"She has a baby? Omg Namjoon did you know your girlfriend had a kid?" Kooki yelled out to someone in the background  sarah burst out laughing.
"Jenni you might really need to call Namjoon and explain what your doing? Kooki is putting weird things in his head " sarah turned to tell jenni. She groaned.
"What did Kooki say?" Jenni asked.
"He asked Namjoon if you had a kid" sarah said. Jenni stared at sarah, tablet forgotten for the moment and she burst out laughing.
"My thoughts" sarah said.
"Oh gosh darn I do have to call him" jenni said picking up her phone just as it rang "and on cue" jenni chuckled and answered her phone.

"Im watching B.A.P V live concert " she said answering the phone. 
"No hello  how are you? " Joonie spoke on the other line.
"Nope, I'm too focused on this" she stated "and to clarify you've seen our place, there's no kids here. I'm watching Daehyun, my bias of the group, but oh gosh jounguk is so catching up" jenni explained. She heard a sigh on the phone.
"That makes more sense. I'm suprise you didnt go to the concert" he said.
"No, we didn't get tickets but I so wish we did. Now I just am looking forward to maybe contacting them and setting up an interview with them, well having them on air" jenni said just as their new song came on. "Okay new song is on. I have to call you back later, probably in like and hour, no make it 2" jenni said.
"Wait -" he said.
"Love you Joonie baby Bye!" She said a smile plastered on her face as she hung up then she started squealing, like really high pitched squealing as if she was holding in a scream which sarah stared at her for a moment for.

"That is the noise of Jenni not screaming" sarah said answering a question Kooki asked. "Dunno she hung up the phone and squealed. anyway I'm leaving her be" sarah spoke on the phone before shutting herself in her room.

Two hours later Jenni was just questioning when it was going to end, they had started to take requests and repeat songs.
"I really do think people in Korea either don't know how to end a concert or if they just don't want to get of stage" jenni said to herself. They had said bye three times now and just kept adding songs now it looked like it was really ending.
After it was over it was 5 pm and she was hyped up!
She called up Namjoon and he answered after a couple rings. He sounded as if he just woke up and his voice was husky making her sigh.
"Did I wake you up?" She asked.
"Nah, just tired. Is the V live over?" He asked.
"Yup and true to word I called you " she said sitting back into the couch.
"Should I be jealous that you just fawned all over another man on a screen?" He questioned making her laugh.
"No, you don't have to be. Your too good to me for me to go after someone else" she said then laughed.
"Oh really?" He questioned making her chuckle.
"Its me saying that or I'm to lazy to go after someone else" jenni explained making him laugh.
"You mean your too busy not lazy" he said.
"Well that too" she nodded. "Had you been calling for a reason earlier? " she asked,
"Just to talk to you" he said,
"Oh I sorry." She said. 
"Nah don't worry about it. I heard you went crazy after you hung up with me" he said.
"Kooki?" She questioned
"Yea" he verified "What were you crazy about?" He asked.
That was a dangerous question which she answered by telling him about all the parts of the concert she liked. 
"you know only in Korea could someone get away with bringing a squirt gun to a concert, back in the states you would have it taken away and then questioned about it, even if it's just for fun" Jenni started out making him laugh at her random statement.
It took twenty minutes to tell him the rest and by the end he was questioning again why he doesn't have to be jealous. It made her laugh and tell him she loved him. Yea she was at the stage she didn't mind letting him know. Altho she didn't really know if he ever said it back to her, she forgot  which probably wasn't a good thing, he had to have said it at some point. She shrugged it off. He didn't have to, he was stuck with her. At least that's what she told herself.
So its short, just a little blurp but hope it made you laugh, lol my fav part is her trying to ignore the call but still ended up answering to him because someone, ehm Kooki, took a sentence out of context lol.
what you think???

anyway @SarahVanDorn I sorry I snuck in there, At least I told you about it though, I debated keeping it a secret that I snuck it in here hehe.
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I love bonuses...and that was a really cute bonus at that!
It was really cute. If I had the money and the time, I would have watched the live BAP concert too.
well it's all good I needed today to be able to write now I can update annnnnddd!!!!!! I get to do a bonus...but when....oh I think I already have something...but chapter first lol