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Can I say this is literally MY JAM.!!! I absolutely loved the music video.!! I love that they explore different music genres.!! and I always end up loving it so much that I have it on repeat for like a week.!! Each member did a beautiful job. Yongguk. Himchan. Daehyun. Youngjae. Jongup. Zelo. I absolutely adore them so much. They're my loves. I loved the album. I loved every single song they have ever made. I've been a BABY ever since I got into K-pop. Even now. And forever will I be a BABY. I'm forever with BAP.!!
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@JaxomB N is our ultimate bias from Vixx
My UB is Taecyeon from 2PM
@JaxomB all cool I have so many biases but out of all them it's always N for me
K-pop literally saved me. I was going through bad depression. but I'm over it already. thanks to BAP, VIXX,BIGBANG, and Teen Top. @BiasKpop N is my ultimate bias in VIXX. it used to be Leo. but goodness gracious. N climbed all the way up. oohh wooyoung is my bias in 2pm.!! @JaxomB
@YeseniaLira let's form a team together tag me in everything you do @JaxomB @YeseniaLira