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Can I say this is literally MY JAM.!!! I absolutely loved the music video.!! I love that they explore different music genres.!! and I always end up loving it so much that I have it on repeat for like a week.!! Each member did a beautiful job. Yongguk. Himchan. Daehyun. Youngjae. Jongup. Zelo. I absolutely adore them so much. They're my loves. I loved the album. I loved every single song they have ever made. I've been a BABY ever since I got into K-pop. Even now. And forever will I be a BABY. I'm forever with BAP.!!
@YeseniaLira has I thought it was just me who loved N in a black button down shirt N is my everything I don't go a day without hearing his voice @JaxomB and great N fans unite lol we should be the N tag group me @YeseniaLira and @JaxomB
@YeseniaLira let's form a team together tag me in everything you do @JaxomB @YeseniaLira
@YeseniaLira that's so great my ultimate bias out if all of kpop is Hakyeon from Vixx he is totally my soul mate but if it came down to him and chanyeol I'll have a hard time
@YeseniaLira thx we should talk more there's a lot of questions about them I wanted to ask
this was actually pretty good and I'm not even a fan of B.A.P until now
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