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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho)
What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore
Chapter 9
Special guest appearances made by:
Jackson & Mark of Got7
Bangtan boys
Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.

Yoongi's POV

The Vampires followed him just as Y/N said they would. The plan was falling into place but they were catching up to him quick. Jackson was waiting for him on the other end. Luckily Yoongi got to the check point a hair faster than them. Jackson sounded two devices his friend ,Youngjae, created and the Vampires stopped in their tracks, hands to their ears yelling in pain. Both Yoongi and Jackson had special plugs in to protect them from the sound. Mark and Namjoon came up behind them both stabbing them with silver stakes from behind, purposely missing their hearts. Jackson shifted into his giant wolf, placing his huge paw on the light brown haired one's neck and biting down on the other one. The sound of snapping bones came from both boys before Yoongi took the device and turned off the sound. Jackson reverted back to his human form which still amazed Yoongi. Mark and Namjoon stood before the Vampires looking down. Mark had a look of fury and determination almost like he wished he could've done it to Wonho and Changkyun instead. Yoongi understood that feeling but it was Namjoon's attempt to hide the disgust in his actions and horror that Yoongi related to the most. Namjoon still saw Vampires as people much like how Y/N told him two days ago. Namjoon believed Vampires also had the choice to give into their 'nature' or go against it. It was often hard to go against it and with Y/N being a half life and smelling that delicious all the time it was hard for him to try and resist. At least at first it was, her scent grew on him and he controlled himself well around the boys. The more he was around her the better he was at controlling himself.
"Get these two back to the holding sight." Jackson said to Namjoon and Mark.
Mark had a place with the rest of his Vampire hunting group where they could hold Vampires prisoner. The cells were crafted in silver any place they touched burned their skin. Any place except for the chains holding them to the wall. They had to stab the two to drain them of their blood but because they were still his brother's, Wonho asked Y/N not to kill them. Instead, they were supposed to hold them long enough to either convince them to help or they had to wait to be released after Changkyun was dead.
Y/N had been a bit more- empathetic towards him since she pissed him off. She really did just want him to see that he was lucky to even have family and that just because he messed up a little didn't mean that he couldn't redeem himself and it didn't mean his family would reject him. Still all those things she said were true, that eventually the guys would grow up and have a family and grow old and die and he'd be left without them. His family would be gone and subjecting them to eternal life, having to feed off of blood instead of being able to taste the foods they liked wasn't fair. He didn't like that he was turned, he hated being a Vampire. So he was all the more happy making sure he pissed off Changkyun enough to get him to fall into Y/N's trap.


Wonho, Minhyuk and Jooehon returned now that the lights were back on. Jooheon came to Changkyun,
"What happened?" he asked referring to the piles of ash around the large hall.
"Huntress attacked." Changkyun said annoyed.
You were honestly surprised his eyes weren't red with fury but perhaps he wasn't too mad. You could tell some of the men in the room he didn't like. He probably wished some of these kings were dead too. You walked over to Hoseok escaping Changkyun's grasp. Hoseok welcomed you into his arms and he looked down at you; his eyes asking if you were okay. You poked his nose as your answer knowing that kissing him now would only further upset Changkyun. When you looked at him, you two could both see he was already annoyed that you two were touching each other. He just couldn't stand the thought of another Vampire claiming you but he hated it even more that, that Vampire was his progeny. You both let your hands slowly slip away from each other but you stayed by his side. Changkyun looked at you annoyed,
"So what now hunter? You said Huntress wouldn't attack just observe."
"Correction, you can check the transcript yourself, I never said she wouldn't attack. I said she was looking for a head count. Which she got, I didn't consider that she might hit" You trailed off.
You started using your oscar winning acting skills and made your face twist in horror. You turned around and looked up at the broken ceiling.
"What is it?" Minhyuk mused.
"Where are your brothers? If they couldn't catch her they should've come back by now right?" You said.
You turned back to Changkyun.
"I'll go check on them." Wonho said.
"Wait, don't go alone. We don't know what she's expecting." You said.
"We have to make sure the Kings get out of here safely." Minhyuk said.
You sighed,
"Well I'll help with the kings can one of you just go with him? Please Minhyuk." You said turning to him.
He was still smiling but it was a smaller smile than his usual big one. He looked to Changkyun and he nodded. Wonho and Minhyuk left heading in the direction you told them they had headed in. Changkyun took back his place near you, you turned to him and the others. Shownu had been glaring at you for a while, he had good instincts not to trust you but as long as he didn't have proof and Changkyun was still in love with you he couldn't really do anything. Jooheon went to his side and told him that they needed to start getting the Kings out of the building and to safety.
"I'll take Y/N back to the bar." Changkyun announced.
"Are you sure?" Both you and Shownu said at the same time.
"You two can handle this just get them back to their hotels alive. You can send some of the men over to help guard them for the night." Changkyun said pulling you along.
"Wait shouldn't we help?" you argued.
"No." he simply put.
"The Huntress isn't after them Changkyun she's after you. You're really going to leave Shownu behind? Let us switch places." you said.
His grip tightened on your wrist and you clenched your teeth to so that you wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing you were in pain. You sighed, the plan was when Wonho came back he was going to announce in front of them all that Kihyun and Hyungwon were missing it was supposed to add to his worry. Changkyun didn't really seem worried at all he seemed annoyed. You had to think quickly what could you do that would make him paranoid? Shownu was the one you were worried about. He was always by Changkyun's side and you knew he didn't want you any where near him alone. He was probably trying to figure out why you hadn't killed him yet. Everyone of his followers knew you had a motive to kill him. You just couldn't kill him though it was much more complicated than that. Shownu was the biggest risk of them all. He was older than you and at times stronger than you especially when you didn't drink blood which you hadn't in the past two days. You had eaten more human food to sustain yourself. Even when Wonho offered you turned him down trying very hard to keep yourself contained. You didn't like drinking blood but the sensations you got when you drank it was amazing. There was a rush that rose in you when you tasted it but you always lost your senses when it happened. You didn't know how to feed so if you drank it then you over fed, killing too many people just to get the taste again. Jackson was always worried about you because of that. He encouraged you to drink though because he knew if you learned how to then you'd know how to stop and you'd also be stronger. He wouldn't have to worry so much about you. You still just couldn't do it you had to eat food or drink from the bottles but even the bottles Wonho gave you made you crazy it was why he had to distract you by sleeping with you. Drinking Wonho's blood was different though, you had your senses and his blood tasted amazing to you but the side effect was that you couldn't retract your fangs and your eyes stayed purple. You also seemed to be strong enough to take on Changkyun but you figured that was just the element of surprise. Changkyun had you back at the bar in no time. Everyone was gone and you two were the only ones there. He had pulled you into the back room and closed the door. He was moving so quickly you didn't see it coming when he placed his lips over yours. You tried to push him away but he grabbed you tighter making your gasp in pain. His tongue entered your mouth and tangled with yours. You kept trying to fight him off but he would pull you in deeper to the kiss. When he finally pulled back, you were trying to catch your breath. You looked up at him annoyed,
"What the hell is the matter with you? You're life is in danger and you want to steal a kiss?" you said pissed off.
"You keep teasing me in front of everyone. I can't stand you with him. Do you even love him or are you doing it to get back at me?" he said removing his jacket and circling around you.
He leaned against you, his chest and body pressed against your back and his hands snaking around your waist. You looked back at him in disgust,
"Give me credit, if I was going to get back at you I would've done a little more than a simple hug in front of you. Now get off me." You struggled.
"I've been in love with you for so long Jagi and you loved me too."
"Biggest mistake I ever made." you said rolling your eyes.
You tried to pull his hands off of you but as you said that he released you and spun you around to face him. He pushed you against the wall, his eyes changing yellow now,
"Stop saying stupid shit like that. We loved each other, we pledged till death do we part and then you repay me by fucking my progeny."
"Oh stop fucking acting like you're the victim here Changkyun, you killed me I think I pretty much upheld my end of the deal. You killed everyone I loved and left me to die in that burning building. You really think I could love someone that did that too me? Sorry doesn't fix it it will never fucking fix it Changkyun so face the facts: the only reason I'm still hanging around this fucking place is because of Hoseok and you know it." you said seething.
You were so pissed your eyes had gone purple from what you saw in the reflection of his eyes. Changkyun huffed furious that you wouldn't forgive him. His head dipped down to your neck and you thought he was going to bite you but he kissed you. You sighed out of relief that he wasn't trying to drink your blood but he seemed to take that as you giving in. His hand reached up the slit of your red dress and trailed slowly up your thigh to your panties. You swatted his hand away and he looked up at you. There was so much desire in his eyes to have you back in his life.
"You don't believe me when I say I love you. You have no idea how much I've suffered the past two hundred years knowing what I did to you. I left because I was scared and disgusted at myself for having done such a thing. I couldn't bring myself to go back to see you or the house. I loved you so much but your blood, it does things to me." he said.
"Then it only makes sense that we shouldn't be together. You'll just kill me again." You said.
There was a opening finally and you quickly moved out of the way and towards the door. He turned to look at you and his eyes went back to the brown they were before. He looked away from you and sat down at his desk,
"What do we do now?" he said.
Here was your chance you could get him used to the idea of going to Jeju island.
"Now you need to go, get out of Seoul I don't care who you take with you or how many you take with you. She didn't even take out a quarter of your men but she probably realizes that. She'll get help and she'll get close quick. You need to be at a place more secure than this tiny little bar." You said.
"I'm not just going to run okay. I have six other men loyal to me that are far older and stronger than this Huntress." He said annoyed.
He still hadn't looked at you.
"You stay here she'll just kill you easily. Like I said this place isn't that secure and she could get rid of hundreds of vampires in seconds flat and you still don't know if the others are okay."
When you said that, the door to the office opened up and you turned and stepped back to see who it was. Wonho and Minhyuk had returned.
"Where is Shownu and Jooheon?" Changkyun asked.
"They stayed behind to finish up taking care of the Kings." Minhyuk answered.
"We can't find Hyungwon or Kihyun anywhere. Their scent is masked, we lost them once we got to a forest type area." Wonho said looking directly at Changkyun.
"There was blood on the ground, I don't think they're dead but I don't think they're coming back anytime soon." Minhyuk said.
This time his smile was gone, you looked from him to Changkyun. Changkyun was looking down shaking his head. He ended up throwing something at the wall.
"If she killed them-" he growled.
That was a different reaction than you expected, he actually gave a shit about his progeny's? Changkyun calmed himself remembering who he was in the presence of. He looked to you and you stared back at him emotionless. He looked to Hoseok,
"Get her out here and back home. I don't want to see either of you right now. In fact everyone get the hell out! I will decide what to do next and believe me Y/N it won't be to run." he said glaring at you.
You looked back at him and said,
"I can only expect so much from you. Stupid decisions is your best trait."
"Y/N. Stop." Wonho warned.
You looked back at him and then to Changkyun, you scoffed and walked to the door,
"Whatever. Seriously Changkyun if you don't want anymore of your sons being taken from you get some place safe until we can figure out a trap." You said.
Hoseok followed behind you and walked you out of the bar, you rubbed your lips trying to get the taste of Changkyun off of you. You wondered if he'd need a little more convincing? Did you have to go after Minhyuk as well? Of course you wouldn't have to hurt him and since him and Hoseok went to 'search' for Hyungwon and Kihyun you knew he knew about the plan. Minhyuk would probably add his two sense in for a second and then stop speaking all together or change the subject. Maybe even get Jooheon to entertain him. You could only hope that you put enough worry in him to make him leave. He said he wouldn't run but with two of his men gone even he knew he couldn't be safe. How many of the kings knew now that Hyungwon and Kihyun were missing. They were probably going to take the opportunity to take over Changkyun's assets while he was distracted with preserving his life. You saw how some of those kings looked at him and you for that matter. A certain predatory look that made you feel like at any moment they'd snatch Changkyun by the throat and rip it out. Maybe even do something to you and make him watch. His affections for you couldn't have been more obvious and Wonho had played his part in showing enough jealousy towards his hands covering you and him kissing you every once in a while. Although Wonho wasn't acting, you could feel it. He was truly jealous that Changkyun was touching you and kissing you and that you had allowed it even though you told him you would have to. He didn't take you back to your place though which you had expected. He took you back to his place and ripped your dress off throwing it to the side.
"I hate his smell on you it stinks." he said.
You chuckled,
"Vampire's are so damn possessive."
"You're mine I have a right to be possessive. He did all of that on purpose. The only reason he told me to see you home safely is because he couldn't leave. The bastard kept kissing you. I can still smell him on you it's driving me nuts." he said almost growling.
"Look I told you that he might do those things. It's not like I was pretending to resist him. I don't really want him all over me either Hoseok if I could kill him then and there I would." you said.
"I know but I just hate it. I hate him, he always takes the things I hold dear to me no matter how faithful I am to him he just keeps taking it from me."
He swatted a lamp across the room causing it to shatter and you to jump a little. You hadn't really seen Hoseok lose too much composure. Even when Yoongi had you pinned and he told him to get off of you he hadn't been this outraged. Changkyun really hit all the right spots. He knew how to piss everyone off and it seemed like he was purposely attacking Hoseok, long before he claimed you. You sat down next to him with nothing but your underwear on.
"Hoseok why did he turn you?" you asked.
Hoseok looked at you for a second, you didn't think you'd see it but there it was a tear running down his face. He brought you into a hug,
"He needed another witch, both me and Shownu have blue eyes. Shownu was an enchantment witch he could cast spells but he didn't really have active abilities. He mostly needed time to create potions and enchantments to help Changkyun so he ended up turning me. I have colder eyes because I was a spellcaster I had active abilities but when I was turned I lost some of them even still that made me strong enough to help him." he said.
"I've run across some witches before I've used some of their magics to help me out on my hunting. I've never met a spell caster before." you said.
He pulled away to look at you,
"What can you do?" you asked.
He turned to another lamp in the living room and held out his hand and seemingly out of no where icicles shot out at the lamp. A symbol on his wrist appeared that wasn't there before. It was just as blue as his eyes. He looked to you and showed you his wrist another symbol appearing this time it was green and you noticed a vine of some sort growing next to you. The top of it blossoming a rose for you, you smiled picking it up. Trying to avoid the thrones. You looked at Hoseok,
"I had control over fire but I lost that element. I used to control water but now I only have Ice, it's a form of it but if it's melted I can't control it for some reason."
"You're kind of amazing Hoseok, to put up with him for three hundred years after taking your life and killing your claim. I would've killed him long ago just in rage." you said.
He chuckled,
"You could fool me."
"I've spent two hundred years training myself not to let my emotions get in the way of my mission. So many times I've been close to taking his life but ending him would mean I would die too and maybe even the people I involved. Shownu is too dangerous and he's loyal to Changkyun he'd kill too many people." you said.
"That's why you saved the others?"
"I like them. I like you too." you said.
His hand gripped your naked thigh. He got down on the ground between your legs pushing them open,
"Let me see how much you like me monbebe." he said.
He released his fangs biting into your inner thigh and drinking up your blood. You released an excited gasp when his teeth sank in. You laced your hand through his hair which made him suck harder at your thigh. He looked back up at you, your blood staining his lips like lipstick. You looked at him with hazy eyes, you licked your lips,
"You're full already?" you said.
"I'm just getting started." he said.
He pulled off your underwear and his mouth wasted no time attacking your folds below. Male Vampires always liked sex, you weren't using it as a weapon against him. You truly wanted him, more than you ever wanted anyone else in your life. Far more than you had ever wanted Changkyun. Your wonderful loving husband was just a monster in disguise and with the death of your family came the death of every emotion that would make you feel anything for him when you met again. Hoseok had awakened emotions in you that you tried to so hard to get rid of but you were okay as long as it was him. You didn't know why but Hoseok could do anything to you and you'd still feel for him. He would never hurt you and you could feel that more than anything. You trusted him because you could sense he was someone worth trusting. You heard something outside but you didn't stop him you made him keep going. His tongue working around your clit making you moan louder. He sat up pulling his pants off while you removed your bra. He unbuttoned his shirt but didn't bother taking it off. He was quick to place himself near your entrance. Pushing inside at a human pace, he began moving at an even speed slowly getting you ready for what you knew would come. He quickly began moving inside of you making your eyes tear up and you scratched at his back calling out his name louder and louder so who ever it was outside that was listening could hear you. You were surprised that Hoseok hadn't noticed but he had been too focused on you which was dangerous considering that they were trying to kill Changkyun. At any moment someone could find out it was you two that set Changkyun up.
"Fuck Hoseok- keep going!" you moaned loudly.
"I know bebe." he said.
He knew how you liked it which made you kind of happy. He smiled at you before dipping his head down to kiss you. He turned you over pushing your head into the couch pillow and scooting your butt up higher so he could reach deeper inside you. He slowed down his pace and as he did you zeroed in on the sound outside the front door. The sound of shallow breathing came from behind the door. Whoever was listening was really turned on by your screaming. You held back a laugh, Hoseok's hand wrapped around your neck and pulled you up against his body.
"You feel so good Y/N." he said in your ear.
"Don't stop yet." you warned him.
He moved faster his teeth sinking into your shoulder causing you to moan louder in pain and pleasure. Your heart was racing uncontrollably, you let your head lay on his shoulder while he moved in you. Now moving slower making your body tingle.
"I love you." he whispered in your ear.
He kissed your neck and your cheek, his hand wrapped around you and lowered to your clit rubbing circles quickly as he moved faster again. He was begging you to come, he wanted to feel you tight around him and it didn't take long for that to happen. You came hard your body still moving as he continued to move inside you. You called out his name in the most amazingly pleased voiced you could let out. He laid on top of you breathing heavy after reaching his own release. A knock came on the door,
"You have company." you laughed.
He looked down at you,
"Did I drink too much?" he asked.
"I'll be fine for a little while, I don't really feel like getting blood drunk. " you said.
He nodded and buttoned up his pants and made his way to the door. Shownu was the one that was listening to you two. You smirked at it,
"Changkyun wants you to get ready, we're heading to Jeju tomorrow." he said.
"Okay." Wonho said.
"He wants the girl to come with him." Shownu said.
You could hear the slight growl building in the back of Hoseok's throat. You had just gotten him to calm down, damn it.
"You have to do what he says Wonho just let him have the girl." Shownu said irritated.
"When you claim a girl that he wants too and he flaunts it in your face then tell me how well you take it." Hoseok said upset.
Shownu called to you,
"You need to get ready I'll take you to him. Hoseok you get your stuff ready as well."
"Don't lay a hand on her Shownu." Hoseok warned.
"I won't hurt her." Shownu said.
You had already gotten up and gotten dressed so you headed over to the door. Hoseok grabbed your hand, you looked back at him and gave him a smile,
"I'll be okay, you kind of ripped my dress though so it's not my fault if he sees a little more than he's supposed to." you chuckled.
He looked at you annoyed and you moved close to him bringing his head down and you kissed him slowly, deeply and lovingly. He did something to you, he made you feel more alive than anything else. You pulled away from him and walked out in front of Shownu. You both walked at normal speed as you said,
"So you were listening to us the whole time. Did you like the way my voice sounded?" you said.
"Shut up, you're Hoseok's I wouldn't dream of touching you."
"Are you sure I'm Hoseok's? Sounds like Changkyun thinks I'm his."
"You belong to both. If Changkyun says you're his then you are but as long as Hoseok doesn't take his claim off of you you're claimed by both." he said.
You chuckled and stopped walking. He had been listening to you two the whole time. He knew that you were planning to kill Changkyun you were just waiting for him to make his move.
"So will you kill me?" you said.
"You're good half life I'll give you that but I'll leave Changkyun to decide what to do with his dead bride."
That was the last thing you heard before everything went black.....
Sorry the update for this took so long. Thanks for reading though I hope you enjoyed!
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