Yeah, I'm leaving Vingle. Goodbye, friends. It's been swell, and also not so swell which is why I am leaving. This large large LARGE kpop community has been a home as well as a prison. I've been so happy and eager to laugh along with all of you, but along with that came tears and anger and disgust.
Please don't misunderstand me. I don't blame anyone other than myself in the end. I just can't take it. On top of how all of this makes me feel, I have my actual life crumbling around me and that's no fun. I think I need to compartmentalize and isolate.
I need to chill. I don't know if I'll ever be back. Probably not.
Thank you for everyone that enjoyed my cards, thank you for all the support, and thank you for providing awesome content for me as well!
I'll be taking down my fan fiction cards, but I'll be uploading them here, as well as writing new fan fictions when I have the time. They'll be different, a little more explicit, a little longer, and updated more rarely but they'll be there. They'll be there.
My other cards will stay in this abyss, for enjoyment of people that have not seen yet or want to go back to them. But no new cards will be made. I won't even be around to comment or like or clip. Even though I'm sure there will be plenty more content that would be deserving. I'm regretful to leave with only two reactions done, when I had a lot of good ideas for more, but nothing can be done. I've made my choice.
Once again, thank you everyone. I love you, in a weird hateful way. My brain is all messed up guys, don't pay no mind.
Bye bye ~
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I wish you luck hope you are happy😁
hey if you need someone to talk to you can always message me I don't mind being a helping hand
I wish you the best of luck. Please be happy 💙 Sending you love
I just saw this and I'm so sorry! I probably can't help but I'd love to know more of the negative side of the community :/ If either you or @shelbyhusband want to talk I'd really appreciate it - I want it to be a fun place for everyone even with all the new people :(
I totally understand and I've been contemplating leaving vingle as well. I hope you find it more relaxing and peaceful away from the messy, immature side of vingle :) Hope you perhaps return again, though
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